Young Girl Who Was Singing For The Queen Burst Out Crying When Soldier Dad Stormed In The Stage

This video has the answer whether British children respect the royals and the armed forces.

A stereotype says that all British people love the royal family.

Many people still think that the monarchy is a good thing, even though there are some who think that the Queen and her relatives are a waste of taxpayer money. And opinions towards the people who serve in the armed forces are also divided.

But The Poppy Girls are some Brits who definitely approve of the royals and the British armed forces.

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These are a group of five school girls, whose parents are all serving in the military. They’ve been performing and recording music for years, for an amazing cause: to raise money for The Royal British Legion. For those who haven’t heard of The Royal British Legion, it’s a UK based charity that acts much like the US Department of Veterans Affairs.

The Poppy Girls have done some amazing things ever since they started performing.

They have performed for many of the most distinguished people in British society and their debut single reached number UK 13 on the singles chart.

But they got to perform for the most famous British person alive today: Queen Elizabeth the Second one day.

The Royal British Legion hosts The Festival of Remembrance at the Royal Albert Hall in London every November. It happens the day before Remembrance Sunday (the UK’s equivalent to Veterans’ Day.) After the Poppy Girls had released their hit single The Call, they were booked to sing at the big event.

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So the girls readied themselves for the performance and took to the stage. The opening notes of their song started playing on the piano.

One of the young girls opened with the lyrics “Started out as a feeling, which then grew into a hope.”

Then, another of the girls continued, singing “Which then turned into a quiet thought, which then turned into a quiet word.”

All the girls had sung their own lyrics, and the instrumentation soon kicked in.

Then the three older girls harmonized the chorus “Pick a star on the dark horizon, and follow the light.”

All the five girls started singing together for the line “You’ll come back when it’s over. No need to say goodbye.”

But what Megan, one of the children singing didn’t know is that her serviceman father was back already, waiting to surprise his daughter.

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When the children reached the end of their song, the entire room started applauding.

The Queen and her daughter, Princess Anne, were among the most enthusiastic people clapping. Clearly they had loved the performance.

Then the host announced to the crowd that Megan’s father was currently serving overseas. So he wasn’t able to view his daughter’s performance, because of his service, or that’s what the girl thought.

The host then announced that they had a surprise for the girl.

Her father appeared from the audience and started walking towards the stage.

Running towards her father as fast as she could, the girl burst into tears.

The duo met at the edge of the stage and hugged tightly.

Source: YouTube

Still hugging her, the dad then picked his daughter up. The audience clapped even harder than before. It was a very emotional moment, and clearly, it meant everything for Megan that her father was there to view her amazing performance.