Woman’s Dramatic Makeover Makes Her Look At Least 20 Years Younger And She Exclaims “I feel happier”

Christopher Hopkins, aka The Makeover Guy has helped a lot of women gain confidence through his beauty transformations. A woman named Jane from Florida walked away feeling both “younger” and “happier” after her makeover.

Get ready to see this Plain Jane become a gorgeous butterfly with Christopher Hopkins’ assistance. His clients think that he truly is a miracle worker and has got magic hands!

Like a lot of other women, Jane was a huge fan of The Makeover Guy even before she sat down in his stylist’s chair.


The woman had read Christopher’s best-selling book, Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45, which helped inspire her to visit his salonin Minneapolis, Minnesota one day. It was really a dream come true.

Jane planned on first losing weight before her own “revival.” But then, she decided instead to take on the new look before pursuing her weight-loss long journey.

If you’ve watched at least one of The Makeover Guy’s videos on YouTube, then you’ll probably agree that he is gifted when it comes to helping women look and feel their best possible selves.

The woman on the video made this conclusion too. In her interview, Jane explained:

“What I noticed with Christopher is that he seems to bring the inner-beauty out. I mean, it’s already there, it’s not put on it’s brought out – and that’s what I would like.”


There are some women who go to The Makeover Guy with ideas in their heads, but Jane just decided to sit back and just let him work his magic.

“I’ve seen him do such a good job with so many people, I just trust him. I didn’t come all this distance to give him a hard time.”

The famous MakeoverGuy has worked on a long list of famous celebrities, as well as everyday people like us. We can easily say that if you give him a canvas he’ll transform it into a beautiful piece of art.

As soon Jane’s results are revealed, we feel like we’re looking at a completely different person. Hollywood is mosy probably missing one of its stars right now.


The woman appears more vibrant and youthful with her new glamorous style. Jane no longer has flat hair, it is full of bouncy curls instead.

The Makeover Guy provided a little insight on what he did during Jane’s makeover. This is what he wrote on YouTube:

“Jane came from Florida with very thin fine hair on the top. With lashes, brows and a little lip color her face shines. Using pin curls the were over directed toward the face at the forehead and temples we created the illusion of a stronger hairline in front. A soft wheat blonde looks natural and appropriate.”

Now, the mission was complete – as Jane felt both beautiful on the inside and out. She was excited to go home and stun her husband with her new hardly recognizable appearance.

Source: YouTube

A lot of people have also been applauding Christopher’s work with Jane. One person commented:

“Holy moly! What a great makeover, that hairstyle is adorable on her!!! You chose the perfect style for her. My granddaughter was watching with me, and said she looks 20 years younger. Out of the mouths of babes… She’s absolutely right! Perfect job, Christopher!”

Ane another woman wrote:

“You look so beautiful! I really hope you keep it up when you get home because you deserve to look and feel this fantastic all the time!”

Click below to watch the video and get the chance to see Jane really come to life. It’s an inspirational makeover nobody should miss!