Woman With Knee Length Hair Makes It Strawberry Blonde And Gets A Fresh New Cut

When she stepped into The Makeover Guy’s salon in Minneapolis, Minnesota Nancy had really long hair. Actually, it was a thick mane that actually reached her knees!

Even though many women would do anything to grow their hair out, for Nancy, she had become tired of her Rapunzel length. She was ready to say goodbye to it, and hello to a brand new look for her.

In the video below you can see Nancy receive the royal treatment from Christopher Hopkins (AKA: The Makeover Guy) and his staff. It’s a transformation you don’t want to miss!

Not every day you can run into hair as long as Nancy’s. So, there was some fun to be had with it while she sat in the salon chair of course.

Source: YouTube

The MakeoverGuy had a heyday messing around with her long tresses. He pointed out that Nancy would be the perfect shampoo model (nailed it). Then she revealed all the costumes she’s been able to create over the years, like Pippi Longstockings and Cousin It.

Actually, the woman was inspired to make the big change after reading Christopher’s book, Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45. Years later, her dream was finally coming true.

Now comes the big chop.

The minute that Nancy’s knee-length hair is cut, you can see the sense of relief in her face. It makes total sense though. It must be a little hard to deal with at times, having so much weight attached to your head. I’m actually sore just thinking about it!

Christopher looks like an ’80s pop star when he “tries on” Nancy’s ponytail.
Something’s for sure, it appears that there’s never a dull moment in this guy’s salon!

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A lot of women can’t help but bawl after they receive a bold haircut. But not Nancy. She was actually excited and hanging in there like a trooper.

But there was a lot more work to be done.

Then a stylis Kelly helped dye Nancy’s hair a gorgeous shade of strawberry blonde. After that, she met up with Christopher’s mom Joann for some useful fashion tips.

They talked about shapewear, jeans styles, and some “dos” and “don’ts” to help Nancy always look her best self. Joann explains to her:

“Where you put detail on your body, that’s where we’re gonna look. So put it where you want people to look.”

Don’t bedazzle your back pockets if you don’t want others taking notice of your rump in other words.

Nancy then headed off to get even more dolled up by their makeup artist, Kami. Let’s just say she was transforming into one glamorous-looking woman!

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Nancy appeared younger, fresher, and overall more vibrant with each step. Christopher even helped teach Nancy a technique for adding fullness to her hairstyle.

And the second they were all done. Va-va-voom, Nancy! Not only did she look fantastic, she felt it on the inside as well.

Nancy will never forget the experience of cutting her long hair and visiting Christopher’s salon. On top of being overjoyed with the results, she was blown away by each and every person on the team. She said:

“It has been beyond my expectations.”

A lot of people have been loving Nancy’s new look too. One person said:

Oh God! We couldn’t believe this was the same woman. She looks gorgeous with the red hair and the style was perfect for her.”

Source: YouTube

Another one commented:

“Wow – her body language changed immediately. It literally was a weight lifted off her shoulders. She looks amazing.”

Click below to watch Nancy’s stunning makeover for yourself!