Woman Wanted “Short Easy Hair” But Viewers Think Of This As Makeoverguy’s First Fail

Even though it’s been less than 2 weeks, but one of The Makeover Guy’s latest videos already has nearly 100,000 views. His transformations are so impressive that every single one of the videos he posts goes viral!

But this one is controversial too.

The famous “Makeover Guy” we’re talking about is Christopher Hopkins, who runs a now-famous “appearance studio” in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Although it’s not the likeliest location to head for a glam makeover, but people come from around the world just to have him bring out their best features.

One of the best things about this makeover artist is that he specializes in helping men and women over the age of 45. The man’s used to seeing people stuck in a rut or in need of a new look to go with a new phase of life.

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In his latest “video,” we got to meet Deb. The woman is about to turn 60 and, like many of the women who visit Hopkins’ studio, she said she wants to look at young as she feels (which is, according to her, roughly 35 “on the inside”).

According to Deb, a big part of looking younger is getting a big hair transformation.

Hopkins captioned the dramatic video like this:

“Deb wanted short hair. I actually thought the same thing upon first meeting her, but assumed, like most, that she’d want to leave her length and use her natural curl. She did not. It was a blast.”

As we all know, getting a big haircut is hard – and it can even be emotional. But it’s true, when you’re ready, you’re ready.

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As the woman shakes out her hair from her updo, she says she wants something “very easy” to care for, but she’s got a lot of natural curl to work with. (All you curly-haired people out there know what a struggle it can be to get short, curly hair to stay in place!)

Just like most of the other Makeover Guy videos, a few seconds later, we see the dramatic transformation in all its glory and it truly had us taken aback.

What’s most important, Deb said she loved her new look as she played with her new short do’.

However, for the first time ever, commenters were NOT feeling that makeover.

Usually, viewers fawn over the “after” shots and agree that Hopkins brought out the best in his client. And even though plenty of people liked this makeover, not everyone thought it was an improvement.

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“I thought she was gorgeous and a bit wild looking before..I know she wanted it short but I think it really aged her..sorry my first “not happy” commnet EVER!!” said a viewer.

Other people liked her look to a real estate agent or called it “managerial.” Others were even less happy about it.

Could this Makeover be Christopher Hopkins’ first fail?

Well, we don’t really think so. And, most importantly, neither does Deb.

It’s a fact that Deb’s wild look is gone in favor of a much more polished cut and the curls are gone too (though we’re curious to know what happened when she washed her hair).

But the woman said herself in the video, she’s the one who told him to go as short as he could.

Her hair isn’t the only thing, her makeup drew some criticism as well for an overly bronzed look.

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“Well, certainly she looks good and polished now and if she feels more confident and happy, then let it be so. However I find that she now looks like a stereotype of a retierd businesswoman. Her hair is cool toned and her skin fair, the warm hair colour and the heavy bronzing doesn´t suit her well…”

It seems like people really have it out for professional-looking older women!

We have never seen so many critical comments on one of these videos before. What do you guys think of Deb’s transformation?