Woman Shares Genius Tip For Battling Clogged Sinuses

When we’re sick, all we dream of is the time when we could breathe easily and felt good. Although some cough, cold, and congestion medicines can help to a certain extent, it can be difficult to find a quick and lasting solution.

Source: Baby Center

Courtney Leitch took to Facebook to share her method for combatting clogged sinuses. In her post, Courtney explains that she had been fighting a nasty virus for a week before trying this method.

Courtney explains that pouring some Johnson’s Baby Soothing Vapor Bath into your bath water or simply just washing with it can help to clear out your sinuses in no time at all.After trying this, Courtney revealed that she was finally able to smell things she hadn’t been able to smell in a week.

Adult, parents with any age child when you or your child is sick put this in your bath or just wash with it. Yes it is…

Posted by Courtney Leitch on Monday, 24 September 2018

She suggests using this product if you’re an adult or have children of any age. Because it is a baby product, it’s great for people who also have sensitive skin. Courtney’s post has garnered a ton of attention, and it currently has almost 85,000 shares to-date!

Winter is coming, and that generally means contracting at least one nasty cold. I’ll definitely be remembering this tip the next time I’m fed up with clogged sinuses and want to breathe easily again. Thanks for sharing this great information, Courtney!

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