Woman Gets Transformed Into Someone Unrecognizable With The Help Of The Makeover Guy

Often times, when we aspire to get a new look, we tend to be scared. However, that is definitely not the case for Joan.

Joan is a 63 year old woman who travelled all the way from Nebraska to Minnesota, Minneapolis. She wants to have something done to her hair and she doesn’t really care what it is. In the beginning of the video, she says:

“You can do something with this, I’ll be happy. I don’t think I have any fears”

That is a bold statement which should only be done when we’re getting a makeover by the one and only, The Makeover Guy.

Source: YouTube

The Makeover Guy, more commonly known as Christopher Hopkins, is a famous makeup artist and hairstylist. Every single person who has received a makeover look from him has ended up feeling satisfied with the look they ended up with.

He does not only transform people into a better version of themselves, he also helps them when it comes to feeling confident and simply feeling and looking much better than they do in the beginning.

After receiving a full face of makeup, and a drastic hairstyle change, we can clearly see how much Joan’s attitude towards herself changes. She looks better, which also implicates to her feeling a whole lot better.

Source: YouTube

Viewers have also left a lot of comments complimenting both Christopher on his amazing work, and Joan on her amazing look.

Here is what one of the commenters said:

“She has a cute, bubbly personality and Christopher brought it out with his makeover. Well done.”

Another one wrote:

“Now that’s the Christopher magic we know he can make. Bam!”

Source: YouTube

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