Woman Gets Makeover For 60th Birthday As A Gift To Herself

Gifts are a part of birthdays and different life achievements. Whether we give or receive them, we all have special joy on those days.

Sometimes, you can be the best gift giver to yourself. Whether you have fulfilled a certain activity, achieved a certain goal or it’s your birthday, you have every right in the world to treat yourself.

And that is exactly what Denise did.

Denise is a great woman from Sparta, Illinois, who wanted to freshen things up a little bit for her 60th birthday.

Source: YouTube

She was tired of having the same old look so she reached out to the one and only, Christopher Hopkins.

Christopher Hopkins, more commonly known as The Makeover Guy, is a hairstylist and a makeup artist, who does so much more than that. With his amazing personality he is able to match people’s outside beauty with their inside looks.

After receiving the makeover, Denise expresses how much she loves it. She does not only appreciate her new look, she also appreciates all of Christopher and his staff’s hard work and effort put into her look.

Source: YouTube

People seemed to love it, too, judging by the comments section on the video uploaded on YouTube on The Makeover Guy’s channel.

One person commented:

“It’s like she’s had beautiful features all along (gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes, lovely bone structure), and the new haircut brought everything together. Happy birthday, beautiful lady.”

Source: YouTube

Another viewer wrote:

“She should feel stunning and pretty because she is!!! I love the cut and color! Suits her perfectly! The makeup is spot on, too! Great job, as always! 👏👏💖”

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