Wild Deer Sees Dog In River And Invites Him To Play Together Using Cute Dance

Deer are commonly known for being timid creatures, but this one wanted nothing more than to form a friendship with a dog.

Everyone who has ever encountered a deer knows that they’re normally very shy, scared animals. But each and every rule has its exception, as this video proves.

One day, Greg decided to take his dog, Yukon, for a walk in the woods.

When they stopped off at a riverbed, a baby deer came near them. Greg was thinking that the deer would quickly run off, but instead of doing that, it just got closer.

Greg stood still, because he didn’t want to scare off the animal. But Yukon, his curiosity aroused, as he started approaching the deer slowly. When the two animals were really close, Yukon sniffed around. Wonderfully, the baby deer didn’t run away. Instead, she interacted with Yukon.

Source: YouTube

Shoetly after, the baby deer slowly went on its way, and Yukon returned to his owner. Greg was simply mesmerized and couldn’t believe his own eyes.

But the next day it happened again. Greg took Yukon for a walk in the woods, and at nearly the same spot, the baby deer came close to the dog.

Greg figured out that he might end up seeing this friendly deer more often in the future, so he decided to give her a name, Daisy.

For the next couple of weeks, Daisy and Yukon would play many days a week.

Anytime that Greg and Yukon went for a walk, Daisy was there. The two animals would chase each other and generally frolic in the area. Greg didn’t have any idea that deer could act like this!

Fortunately, one day, Greg decided to take a video of Daisy and Yukon’s interactions.

Source: YouTube

When Yukon and Daisy went to play in the river, he began recording.

The video started out with the two animals playing at different parts of the river.

Then Daisy walked up to Yukon. Then the deer started jumping up and down like crazy, in order to get Yukon’s attention.

Yukon wasn’t super impressed by this and turned away. Daisy got a lot more closer to Yukon, obviously trying to get the dog to play.

But Yukon was far more interested in looking for rocks for his owner than playing with friends.

Source: YouTube

The deer ran right up to the dog again and began to sniff at him. She just wanted to play with him, but Yukon clearly wasn’t in the best mood to play.

Still, Daisy was full of energy, so she continued dancing around while Yukon was still searching for even more rocks.

Not long after capturing this footage, Greg posted it on YouTube. It soon went viral.

To date, it has been able to gather more than 5.5 million views, 1,700 likes and 150 comments.

People have been commenting things like this:

Source: YouTube

This video just goes to prove that animals are much more like people than we can figure out. Daisy, the baby deer, was just trying to make a new buddy and play with him, much like how other kids do.

It’s a shame that Yukon didn’t want to play with the animal during the time the video was filmed, but he and Greg often go back to that spot and play with Daisy.

Everyone is aware of the fact that dogs are man’s best friend, but if we watch this video, we come to the conclusion that could also be deer’s best friend. Or perhaps Daisy is just an abnormally friendly deer. Nature sure is amazing!