UPS Driver’s Amazingly Heroic Act After Customer‘s Death Who Left Dog Alone

There’s been a stereotype forever going around which says that mail workers hate dogs. This story shows that the truth is different than that.

A mailman being bitten on the butt by a dog is something that we can all view from cartoons.

There may exist some mailmen that hate dogs, but the majority of them seem to love them.

Actually, there’s even a whole UPS Facebook page which is dedicated to showing off the friendships which mail workers form with the dogs on their routes.

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But a story to consider from this page is equally heartbreaking and heartwarming.

All of this started when Katie Newhouser became a UPS driver.

Every day, she would interact with a range of dogs and play with them. But most of all, she looked forward to meeting Leo.

Leo was a gigantic pitbull. Pitbulls are precisely the kind of dog that people stereotype as being the bane of mail workers everywhere. But Leo was different. Surely, he would run up to Katie. But instead of being aggressive, Leo would hug and kiss all over Katie.

And while playing with Leo, Katie got to know Leo’s owner, Tina. Tina told Katie that her son had found Leo alone as a puppy. She also explained how she’d bottle-fed the dog until he grew up to be big and strong.

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Then, in 2017, Tina started getting ill. Katie and Leo were hoping that she would get better. But unfortunately, she passed away.

Both Katie and Leo felt the loss super deeply.

Leo had been staying with Tina’s son throughout the whole sickness. But he was a marine on active duty, meaning that he couldn’t always keep the dog.

Fortunately, there wasn’t a lot of doubt when it came to what to do with Leo when Tina’s son had to leave again. Katie was more than happy to take Leo in.

Considering the fact that Katie already had lots of experience with Leo, she knew that she was the right person to take him on. Together, they could overcome the loss of Tina.

Firstly, Katie was scared that Leo would struggle to settle in. Katie was already the owner of three dogs. What if they couldn’t get along with Leo?

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But right from the second that Leo came home with Katie, they were all one big happy family. The dogs were welcoming to Leo. Maybe they could see that he was grieving?

One of Katie’s dogs, Bailey, wasn’t playful with Leo in the beginning, but over the upcoming weeks, that changed.

And it became clear for Katie just how much Leo missed Tina. For the first few months in Katie’s home, Leo would cry at bedtime, wanting his mother to cuddle up with him.

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Even these days, Leo still gets sad when thinking about Tina. But at least he has a new owner and some friendly other dogs to keep him happy the majority of the time.

Some Pitbulls have a difficult time being adopted. Fortunately, Leo did not have to spend no time at all in a shelter, thanks to the love of Katie and her dogs.

After taking Leo in, Katie posted the news to UPS dogs. People across America applauded her kind decision. The post gathered more than 2,000 likes and over 100 comments. People said things like this:

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Katie really is a great person.

Source: Inside Edition, relieved