Two Year Old Drummer’s Audition Has Already Been Watched More Than 12 Million Times

No one is really shocked when a 2-year-old child is good at banging on things. But Hugo Molina can do it with rhythm.

Being the youngest contestant to have ever walked on Spain’s Got Talent, the toddler showed off his unlikely drumming skills.

Too little to get all the way across the stage himself, Hugo was carried over to a drum set by his dad Manuel Jesús. The host even asked the audience not to cheer or clap for him so he wouldn’t be scared from them.

Fortunately, it’s great to see that he didn’t look out at the sea of faces and go running backstage!

Source: YouTube

Of course, everyone was surprised to see the toddler audition. Sure, he’s super cute, but is there really talent there or is this just child’s play? Being an adorable toddler can only take you so far on a talent competition with other talented performers.

While his father sets him down, Hugo has his drumsticks in hand, but it’s not really obvious if he knows what to do with them.

He’s surely adorable, but does a 2-year-old have enough musical talent to do anything on stage besides melt hearts?

Their jaws drop as he starts playing. This small drummer boy is more than just an adorable face! He’s a natural musician.

The background music begins and his father simply says “How do we play the drums, Hugo?” He then launches into a Semana Santa, a traditional Easter week fiesta parade march.

Source: YouTube

The judges were surprised after the talented tike, but he was just getting warmed up. In no time, he was rocking out even faster, adding a wooden block to the percussion for good measure. He even made eye contact with the crowd throughout the whole entire performance.

But does the child have any idea what’s going on? He looks a bit surprised, but his drumming is effortless.

Undoubtedly, a performer at heart, Hugo brought the house down and shocked the judges (who have surely seen a lot of amazing performances).

Hugo’s mother is also backstage – and her nerves turn into pride and relief and Hugo manages to pull off the number she knows he’s capable of, but this time in front of thousands of people.

Drumming comes so effortlessly to this small child that he hardly even feels the need to concentrate.

Source: YouTube

He slowly looks towards his dad while crouching next to him during a semi demanding part of the performance.

The applause he missed out on earlier couldn’t be held back anymore as soon as he he finished and he got a standing ovation as his dad looked at him tearing up.

ThinkSPAIN helped translate a few of the judges’ comments on the performance. Judge Risto Mejide said:

“He kept the rhythm the whole time and that just shows his talent is innate. You’re either born to do this or you’re not.”

Spanish singer Edurne said his head was spinning from all that talent.

And Hugo was also super happy when it came to interacting with the judges after his performance – and he’s quite the talker for a 2 year old!

Source: YouTube

By then it wasn’t really surprising for Hugo to get four yeses and moved on to the next round of the competition.

Considering the fact that it was uploaded just over a month ago, the video has already been watched more than 12 million times on the Got Talent Global YouTube account – but it’s been posted on other places as well.