Toddler Stole The Show When A Man Started Playing Her Favorite Song

Of course that there’s nothing more British than Mary Poppins. But just how similar are the movies to real-life Britain? They’re very similar if this video is anything to go by!

To answer the question if Britain is really full of friendly people that will break out into song at a moment’s notice, like in the Mary Poppins movies? No, of course not. It’s just a musical like any other, right!?
But actually, this video shows that the British love to spontaneously play music and dance in public. They even have pianos in train stations just for those purposes.

Just recently, a video surfaced of a man playing some classic Mary Poppins songs on a public piano in a London train station, and it had an extremely cute reaction.
At the beginning of the video we see two men at the piano. The older man sits down, trying to one-up the man who just played.

Source: YouTube

Then he starts playing the tune to Chim Chim Cheree, the Mary Poppins song sung by the British movie star Dick Van Dyke.

Even though Dick Van Dyke is an American, everyone knows that his London accent in Mary Poppins is so good, you’d never know it was fake.

e then mixes it up and starts playing a medley of other tunes from Mary Poppins.
A group of people gathers around him as he does this.

He is a very talented pianist, so it’s not surprising. But what happens next warms everyone’s hearts.

The pianist gets back into the Chim Chim Cheree, and an enraptured little toddler, starts moving in her mother’s arms. She wants to go on the ground. She just has to start dancing!
Then the little girl walks closer to the pianist. She looks at the people around her, starts clapping and moving her feet. She starts performing to the song.

Source: YouTube

The little girl’s mom smiles warmly at her, she is so happy to see her daughter moving like this.

She keeps on moving, and more people gather around her. We can’t decide what’s better, the pianist’s performance or the cute girl’s moves?

As the pianist finishes up his performance, everyone gathered around applauds. The little girl is applauding particularly hard!

To give the people another song, the younger man then steps back to the piano. Unfortunately, the video cuts off there.

Ever since the video of this performance was uploaded to YouTube, it’s become a huge hit.
Over 1.7 million people have watched it until now. It also has over 26,000 likes and 1,100 comments.

People have been saying things like this:

Source: YouTube

Don’t you wish that public places in America could be a little more like this!?
If the world was filled with people playing music and toddlers just randomly dancing to it, then everyone would be much happier.

And we can easily say that this isn’t the pianist, Brendan Kavanagh’s, only successful Mary Poppins public performance video.
One year ago, a video of him has managed to gain a whopping 26.7 million views.

There, we can see the performer dresses up as a tough guy in a hoodie and walks up to another tough-looking guy at the piano. Kavanagh asks the man at the piano if he can play any Mary Poppins songs. Then Kavanagh sits at the piano and shows him how to do it.

Source: YouTube

An even larger crowd forms around the performer in that video, obviously shocked at someone who is dressed in a hoodie playing such innocent and beautiful music.
But the one thing that this video doesn’t have, is a toddler dancing along to the music!