This Woman’s Nose Surgery Changed Her Life And Appearance Completely

We have to face it, no one is really blessed with perfect skin. Acne, wrinkles, under-eye circles, and other unsightly blemishes plague us all at one point or another in life. But nonetheless, sometimes these maladies can turn from bothersome to emotionally paralyzing. Here is how a vert brave woman is working through her rare condition.

The mother of two, Pamela, used to have great skin, UNTIL hormones set in around age 15. She has struggled with acne ever since than. However, it wasn’t until after her teenage years that she started experiencing the worst of her condition.

After she gave birth to her second child, the woman started to notice that the shape of her nose was changing. That’s when Pamela was diagnosed with a very severe form of rosacea called rhinophyma, an inflammatory skin condition that can leave sufferers with a “bulbous” nose.

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The woman’s diagnosis had such a profound effect on her overall appearance that it shattered her self-esteem completely. In an interview with The Doctors back in October, Pamela tearfully described her struggle with rhinophyma. She said, “It has stopped me from leaving the house. I’ve had anxiety for a long time.”

Originally, Pamela contacted the show in hopes that she would find a cure for her condition, and she was lucky that the team was able to hook her up with a dermatologist who was willing to help her through her journey and help her get through all of it.

To achieve the look that she used to have, Pamela learned that the treatment would have to be a bit invasive. You see, despite the fact that rhinophyma can be treated with topical creams when caught in its earliest stages, patients like Pamela need surgical intervention to help decrease the nose to its original size they once had.

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Ever since Pamela had stepped up and bravely shared her story with the world, the panel rewarded her with the help that she needed!

Taking it fast-forward several months later. Dr. Ann Zedlits, the dermatologist on the case, and Pamela herself are back on The Doctors because they want speak with the panel about the results. And dang, are they unbelievable! We can barely recognize her after the surgery.

“I am excited about the new me. I no longer hide!” Pamela proudly exclaims. For good reason, she is absolutely glowing! Her new nose represents what she describes as a “new beginning.”

But how did exactly did the good doctor approach this tough case? The dermatologist explains that she treated Pamela’s condition in three stages, using a blend of CO2 therapy, Ulthera (a skin-tightening procedure), fillers, and eventually oral medications that were prescribed to dry up oils and shrink her pores!

Source: YouTube

But to actually believe it, we think that you’ve got to see this entire transformation! If you want to witness Pamela’s heartwarming medical success story, be sure to click on The Doctors video below. We have to say, we think she looks absolutely gorgeous!