This Third Grade Student Loves His Teacher So Much That He Gives Her A Pay Rise With His Birthday Money

Everyone is afraid of the fact that teachers in the US are badly underpaid. If only society could appreciate teachers as much as this child does.

Parker Williams enjoys going to school. His parents have taught him that a good education means that he is going to have a lot more opportunities later in life.

Fortunately, Williams’s world-class teacher, Mrs. Chambers, has done a lot to help him really love everything about going to school.

“I think she’s a really kind teacher, and she has her own way of teaching, and she spends time on everybody.” – Parker Williams.

Like the majority of teachers, Mrs. Chambers has a lot to deal with.

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Teaching is a high-pressure job, and it can feel pretty difficult to keep afloat sometimes. But she does whatever she is able to for the chilrren. Everyone in her class knows that Mrs. Chambers wants to help them do well in life.

So when Williams heard on the TV that teachers were underpaid, he realized that this must also apply to his beloved Mrs. Chambers. That is when he made it his mission to get her a pay rise.

Not long before, Williams had his ninth birthday. He received a bunch of presents and also $15 in cash. When Williams’s relatives asked him what he was going to spend it on, he wouldn’t tell then. But the kid had already decided.

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On the next school day, Williams took all of his birthday money to school with him as well as a thank-you note he had personally written.

The note opened with the following message: “Dear Mrs. Chambers, I don’t think that teachers get paid enough for what they do. So will you accept this gift.”

As soon as Mrs. Chambers saw this note, her eyes instantly started welling up with tears. She’d always done this job for the kids despite of the money. And Williams’s gesture really showed her just how much he appreciated her.

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“Teachers put their all in all the time. We often take work home. Our day doesn’t end when the bell rings. It’s so great that Parker realized that we do a lot extra.” – Mrs. Chambers.

Mrs. Chambers wrote Williams another note and placed it in his bag together with the money. Her own note said that she couldn’t accept her student’s money but that she really appreciated his gesture.

She also said that students like Williams are the reason why she is a teacher.

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When Williams got home, his parents finally discovered what had gone on.

They told him that what he had done for his teacher was incredibly thoughtful. Darrell Williams, the boy’s father, uploaded his child’s and the teacher’s note on Facebook. Shortly after, this post had been shared hundreds of times.

A lot of people have responded to the post by praising Williams’s actions. People have been leaving comments like this:

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Undoubtedly, Williams is going to have a wonderful future. If only everyone raised their kids and taught them to appreciate what others do for them and to realize that there are problems in our society, such as low teacher pay.

Jennifer Williams, the mother of the boy, has done a lot to teach her kid to help other people. Whenever the boy gets birthday money, she says that he has to give 10% of it to charity. She does this in order to teach him all about the importance of community and helping others. But by attempting to give all of his cash to his teacher, Williams has truly shown how big his heart is.