This couple’s ice skating routine to “phantom of the opera” is breathtaking

It’s no denial that the songs in The Phantom of the Opera are very catchy. And these skaters have given one of them a whole new life.

Meryl Davis and Charlie White were determined to give the judges and the audience something to remember when they made it into the US Figure Skating Championships.

They were both fans of the Andrew Lloyd Webber musical The Phantom of the Opera.

Even though the song Overture/Hannibal from The Phantom of the Opera isn’t the kind of music you typically hear on a skating rink, they nailed it. After all, who associates the organ with graceful movement? But the couple was sure they could make it work.

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That’s why they practiced for months until they had a routine that would do the eerie, catchy song some well-deserved justice.

When the competition started, the young skaters assumed their starting position, bowing down near one another.

As soon as the music started playing, the two leaped out.

White span around as Davis skated away. Then White started skating after Davis, like The Phantom of the Opera himself chasing down a victim of his.

Then, White held onto Davis’s hips and they both span around on the spot, putting one leg in the air.

As soon as the song kicked in, the duo who was still holding on to one another, skated rapidly across the rink.

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The organ music really made their movements look powerful. Even though it shouldn’t have worked, it definitely did!

When one minute marked on the song, White picked up Davis into his arms and held her as he still skated very quickly.

Then, still holding Davis, he span on the spot.

The couple slowed down when the lyrics started, with White pursuing Davis’s moves, like the Phantom chasing a victim once again.

As the lyrics became more affectionate, so do did the skating couple. They started interacting with one another, and then Davis started skating after White.

The duo’s skating then began to look more like a couple dancing gracefully across a ballroom.

With the lyrics becoming more operatic, the couple pulled off a move that was more ambitious than anything that had come before. White held Davis’s hips once more. She rolled 360 degrees in his hands then climbed onto his shoulders. White was skating backward during this whole time.

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As he was still skating backward, White arched forward and stretched back his leg. Davis sat on White’s shoulders, put a foot on Davis’s leg and spread her arms.

This couple made it look easy, even though that move must take a lot of practice and trust!

The crowd were cheering at this amazing move by this point. They would not be forgetting this routine any time soon!

Then, the couple started skating on their knees across the floor. Then they slowed down into a lover’s embrace.

As soon as the organ music started playing again, the couple leaped up and started skating parallel to one another, perfectly emulating each other’s moves.

They then danced with one another like lovers on a dance floor for the final seconds of the performance.

Amazed at what they had seen, the crowd cheered out again.

Source: YouTube

It’s difficult to imagine a song like Overture/Hannibal working on the ice rink. But Davis and White managed to make it work!