The Makeover Guy Does His Most Dramatic Hair Transformation- But How Is She Going To Like Her Look?

Six years ago, stylist Christopher Hopkins (more commonly known as The Makeover Guy) did one of his most enthusiastic makeovers. He’s been working his magic for more than a decade now, but it’s pretty difficult to top this earlier video where he gives a lady a big hair chop and a whole new hair color!

When we get to meet his client – who doesn’t mention her name in the video – she has been wearing her long, blonde hair in a braid for the past 20 years.

It was undoubtedly time for a change.

She walked inside of Christopher Hopkins’ Minneapolis, Minnesota “appearance studio” wanting a whole new appearance – and she came to the correct place.

He just so happens to be a specialist when it comes to helping to transform men and women over the age of 40 into their best selves.

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He has even published a book named “Staging Your Comeback, A Complete Beauty Revival for Women Over 45” , which has been a long-time virtual best-seller.

As they seem to enjoy playing with her gigantic amount of hair in the beginning, the duo agrees on going a general length. It will still technically be long, but a good size over a foot of hair will come off!

The hair colorist is also present there so she is able to suggest a new red tone for her hair, which reminds the client of her brother’s strawberry blond locks – and she agrees to go for the shot!

After putting in her braid, they make the gigantic chop with staff standing in the background witnessing the event.
Is she going to freak out or love it?!

Having that much hair get cut off out of the blue can be a pretty sentimental thing!

As soon as they hand the cut braid over to the client she seems shocked but also relieved that the makeover is under the process of happening.

During color is where the left part of the makeover happens.

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One day spent at the appearance studio also means you get to have your makeup done.

Her skin tone is well evened out and bronzed, her cheeks are blushed, and she gets taught a life-worthy tip when it comes to eyeliner as well as some beautiful eyelashes.

A pop of color on her lips is all that’s actually needed to fulfill the whole makeover.

After her final look is revealed, the client is all smiles.

“I feel light and airy,” she says.

Now she’s thinking about what her family’s reactions will be after having seen her with her trademark blond braid for the past 20 years.

Will they even recognize the ravishing redhead before them?!

We don’t get to see the reunion, but we can guess their reaction judging by the comments on the video which has now bern watched for more than 2 million times ever since it was uploaded.

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“I think her new look is fabulous. She looks 10+ years younger and she seems thrilled with it. That is the only thing that matters!” said one commenter.

And she’s right – no matter what anyone else thinks, it’s the client is loving her new look.

The video was a fan favorite:

“Holy HAIR, it was Cousin Its’ long lost sister lol! That was an amazing transformation and her hair is absolutely perfect and gorgeous! She’s a very beautiful lady and this was definitely one of my favorites!”

And not only is the end result gorgeous, but it must be such a time-saver!

“It must have been so much work to wash and style her hair before. Now it not only looks great, but will be so much easier to keep. The color is great on her too,” commented one YouTube user.

Source: YouTube

We couldn’t even begin to imagine how long it took to dry that much hair – just think of how many hours a week she got back after receiving that glamorous haircut!