Teenager Performs “Sound Of Silence” With Low Voice- The Show Will Never Be Forgotten

Before that day, no one was aware of the fact that Ruben Liversage had such an amazing voice.

The Sound of Silence is one of Simon & Garfunkel’s most amazing song hits.

There’s just something ageless all about Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel’s lyrics and instrumentation. Could anyone top their original versions? (Yes, there is a majority of different versions to come from this band.)

Some people tend to think that a 16-year-old schoolboy named Ruben Liversage was able to sing it better than anyone else has ever managed to.

All of this started when Liversage began to practice for a school concert. No one had heard him sing before, except for his close family. They knew that his voice was amazing. But Liversage had always been way too shy to sing in front of anyone other than his family members.

But when he figured out that the school was having a concert, he knew that he could use it as a chance to display his talent to his other classmates.

So Liversage signed up to perform, and the teachers were surprised by his voice. Still, they were pretty worried about how he would do on stage, so they arranged a few things to make his performance better.

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Shortly after, the day of the concert came, and Liversage walked onstage. No one quite knew what to anticipate from their shy classmate.

Then the chords to Sound of Silence began to play.

Liversage started singing “Hello darkness my old friend.” His singing voice was an amazingly deep baritone. No one could believe what they were hearing.

People began to cheer and clap already. This gave Liversage the confidence to sing with even more energy than he already was.

Afterwards, two dancers went onto the stage. Liversage had thought that they might be needed to get the crowd through the performance. How wrong he was!

The female dancer hopped onto the male dancer’s shoulders while Liversage was still singing. Up until now, in appropriation to the song, everyone who was watching was in a hushed silence.

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Then a group of backing singers also got up to the stage and added a whole extra amazing layer to the song.

The much higher-pitched singing of the backing singers gave the song a whole other vibe.

With Liversage now making the stage his second home, he stepped out of the lights, revealing his face to everyone. No one had any doubt left that it was their quiet classmate singing so amazingly now!

Even more backing singers kept going on stage, making the sound of the song even more powerful. But there was an obvious and super focal star of this performance, and his name is Ruben Liversage.

By the time the song was finished, the entire public was shocked. They cheered even louder than they had before.

Source: YouTube

Ever since this wonderful performance, Liversage has gone from strength to strength. He’s even performed professionally. No one can believe that the once shy student Liversage is now a genius showman!

Liversage’s mom posted the Sound of Silence performance on YouTube. She and her son were both shocked by surprise when it went viral.

No person can deny the fact that Liversage made the right decision by coming out of his shell and showing off his true abilities to every person!

Thanks to that brave performwnce, the whole entire world will now be able to appreciate his talents. Who knows how far he’ll go!?