Teenage Football Player Heard A Lady Calling For Help Then Saved His Neighbor’s Life By Lifting 3,000 Lbs Car

A 16-Year-Old ls named Zac Clark, was working outside in the garden with Lora, his mom, when they heard their neighbor’s wife calling out for help —that’s when they realized that her husband was pinned beneath his Volkswagen.

Reportedly, the husband had been working on his vehicle when the jack slipped off. Now, the bumper was crushing his chest as another part of the car pushed down against his head. The only part of his body that was visible were his thrashing legs trapped under the vehicle. Even though time was of the essence, they weren’t sure what should do!

Source: YouTube

Then, the woman, Lora watched as her teenage son, without a moment of hesitation or fear, ran to to their neighbor’s home and jumped straight into action.

The boy, Zac, let the adrenaline take control while he placed his arms underneath the 3,000-pound car — and began to lift it up.

Source: YouTube

The teenager plays football on his high school’s team and aspires to become a firefighter one day. He discovered that he not only had a hero inside of him, but sheer superhuman strength too