Teacher Does Extra Thing To Help Student In A Wheelchair Learn How To Jump Rope

Everyone has specific and different needs and wishes, so in order to be a good teacher, people have to become creative.

Lauren Watts from Fort Mill, South Carolina, is a great example! The physical education instructor at Harrisburg Elementary School went out of her way so she could make sure an 8-year-old student named Jorgy, who uses a wheelchair, felt included.

While the rest of the class was learning to jump rope in 2018, Jorgy became discouraged. It seemed impossible for him to manage in his wheelchair, so he went to Lauren with his concerns.

“He said, ‘I really do want to jump rope like all the other kids,’” Lauren recalled.

Source: Instagram/lwatts18

“As soon as I saw that face, and he was talking to me about it, I knew I just had to make it happen. There was no other way.”

The solution she came up with was brilliant! In a video Lauren uploaded online, we see her using her stomach to push Jorgy’s chair forward while she flings the rope up and around them. Then they race down a hallway together. With the small boy’s arms in the air, it’s very clear that he’s having an amazing time!

“It’s like the greatest feeling,” he said later. “It’s so special, you know?”

Source: YouTube

The video instantly went viral and got this awesome boy a new nickname: “Jump-Roping Jorgy.”

Jorgy enjoys all of the attention and hopes his story will motivate other people to believe in themselves. “You can try anything if you try hard enough,” he said. “I tried, and I mastered it.”

As for his wonderful teacher, she had a pretty important message that she wanted to share: “This is the reason why I do what I do. In my profession I’m able to help children experience things they were told they would never be able to do.”

Source: YouTube

What a perfect bond! Lauren is willing to do just about anything in order to help her students succeed, and Jorgy will now always be able to find ways to “fly.” We can all learn from their unstoppable example!