Spanish Dance Group With Down Syndrome Pleases The Audience With Their Incredible Performance

Everyone knows that there’s no limit to what a person can accomplish when they set their mind to it, but it’s always nice to have a reminder anyway.

When the fifth season of “Spain’s Got Talent” was ramping up, they introduced a competitive dance group called Flick Flock Danza that instantly stood out from the crowd. That’s because the troupe prides itself on its inclusive nature, welcoming children and adults with physical and mental disabilities, chromosomal differences, and other challenges too.

This group is headed up by director Susana Alcón, and they have already enjoyed international success at festivals and dance competitions. The school offers classes in classical dance, jazz dance, hip hop, and gymnastics. As they took the stage of “Spain’s Got Talent,” each and every one of the members looked very nervous and excited at the same time about competing on a whole new level.

Source: YouTube

But the minute they began to dance it became clear that they needn’t have worried. Although many members of the troupe have Down syndrome, that’s the last thing on the viewer’s mind as they move lithely through their complicated dance routine. The dancer’s movements are graceful and fluid, relying heavily on the strength of their male dancers and the flexibility of their female dancers to create a gorgeous effect on every one.

Despite the judges being taken with the troupe from the start, as they wrapped up their routine the group received praise that was music to their ears. Comedian Paz Padilla was excited to see that the troupe was from her hometown of Cadiz, gushing, “How lucky I was the day I was born in Cádiz, every day I am more proud.”

Source: YouTube

Edurne, the singer, noted that the group interacted so well on stage because off-stage they are as close as family, drawing hearty nods from the dancers. But it was judge Risto Mejide, normally the Simon Cowell of the group, who had the most poignant remarks about Flick Flock Danza, this amazing group.

“I believe in inclusion, art must be inclusive or it is not art, the talent must be inclusive,” said Risto. “The day that an actor with Down Syndrome ceases to be news for acting in a movie, that day we will have achieved it. ”

The audience members and all of the judges felt an outpouring of love when they watched the group, which didn’t surprise their director in the slightest. “They love dance, it’s their life, they need it, and that’s why they are giving themselves to us,” Susana said.

Source: YouTube

That’s why the judges were unanimous in their decision to give the group four “yeses,” sending the group on to the next round of the competition. This advancement was certainly well earned and we have no doubt that they’ll become fan-favorites as the big competition continues.