“Sound Of Silence” Starts Playing And Ice Skaters Turn It Into Their Own Show

Vanessa James and Morgan Cipres from the country of France made sure to steql the show in Tokyo while ice skating together to Disturbed’s rendition of the Sound of Silence which includes the chillingly wonderful vocals of David Draiman.

An unforgettable performance

The free skating pair skated to the song during the International Skating Union’s World Team Trophy competition in Japan. During their awesome athletic and wonderful display of figure skating abilities, they had everyone watching excited and wanting more.

After the song and their performance were over, they sent the audience and judges to their feet and their jaws were on the floor.

Source: YouTube

Inside of the moment

When they skated out onto the ice and waved at the audience, we were not even close to ready for the magic that was about to take place on the ice. The smiling duo were both in black for their performance which would go with the somber, but haunting song by Disturbed.

They got into position on the ice, their heads were slightly bowed, and then the music started. While the first soft notes of the song began filling the air, they started to move. While the duo came together on the ice, the performance officially started.

The pair moved while harmonizing, each and every single one of their moves complimenting the others during their fabulous performance. With each and every spin, each wonderful jump, even as he held her high above him in the air, they never faltered even for a moment.

A love story?

It’s not only their technical perfection and beautiful skating that people notice. When the skating partners are together, you can see genuine happiness in their faces when they look at each other while covering the ice with each other.

Source: YouTube

Actually, it’s one of the things which is most commonly commented about the pair.

“I always feel like I’m watching a love story. I don’t get tired of watching them. Their coaches and choreographers are romantic, creative and talented.”
– Filmtress Mu

“It’s like they are one person but it’s two people. Like two hearts beating as one they are so in sync together it almost unreal. Such fun to watch.”

“Their chemistry is off the charts!!!!! I’m going to cry like a baby when they retire!!!! 😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️”
-Evelynwashere 1

It’s only fitting that they have sparked a few rumors with how in love they seem to be. During the present, we’re just going to have to keep thinking about it. The pair hasn’t confirmed or denied anything regarding those flooding rumors.

Source: YouTube

Difficult and beautiful skills

Morgan swung Vanessa amazingly close to the ice in one exquisitely choreographed moment during their wonderful performance. She showed complete belief in him, while effortlessly coming out of the swing. They had undoubtedly practiced it many, many times together.

Actually, the pair have been working together for quite some time now. They first started skating together back in 2010.

Vanessa recalled those early days:

“I remember our 3-day trial and it was so fun. He was so funny, because he had never done pairs before, so he was really nervous and saying ‘oh my gosh, oh my gosh’ every time he threw me. I knew that we were going to be good friends.”

An amazing score

The duo left the competition after takinf the first place – as if they could get anything less than that with such perfect combination of music and figure skating ability as well as the undeniable chemistry that the skating partners seem to share when they are together on the ice.

Source: YouTube

Do you want to see and hear the magic for yourself?

Be sure to watch the video down below: