Solo Boy Does The Git-Up Challenge— Tops It With The Nicest Moves Yet

For many years now, online challenges have been all the fame. You’ve seen the Ice Bucket challenge which supports research for ALS. Then there’s other goofy challenges like the ones which require you to eat an entire spoonful of cinnamon. But one challenge is not only fun to do but also a great way to exercise.

The Git-Up challenge was inspired by a song called “The Get Up” sung by Blanco Brown. Usually, a group of people perform the moves together. For this, it’s all about who has the nicest and smoothest dance moves. As you can imagine, the internet is flooded with all kinds of crazy stuff. But one small boy decided to go solo. And we’re all happy that he did so because it gave us the chance to see just how smooth his moves are.

He’s little but this child can surely dance.

Dressed in jeans, a white button-down dress shirt, a cowboy hat, and a nice pair of reflector sunglasses, he begins the challenge slowly while mouthing the words of the song. He might be a young boy but don’t allow that to fool you. He has moves more like a mature adult. He even gives these adorable little nods which make his performance even better and more exciting to watch.

Source: YouTube

While the music intensifies, his moves speed up.

Sliding from one side of his living room to another, he gives his heels a quick click. He also has pretty awesome hip movements that you would anticipate to see from a professional on Dancing with the Stars. His rhythm is spot-on…he doesn’t miss a beat. He follows each and every single direction given in the song.

This is an adorable two-stepping cowboy.

When the song says to “Take it to the left now and dip with it,” he does exactly that. Then he gets his hips to groove with perfect timing to the words, “Now lean back, put your hips in the Woo-hoo-hoo, let’s have some fun.” He may have a serious look on his face but you can undoubtedly tell he’s having a lot of fun.

This boy puts all the other people who have participated in the Git-Up challenge to shame.

Source: YouTube

He’s so awesome and has such an incredible way of moving his body, perhaps there’s a future for him as a pro dancer. A person commented, “OMG…get down with your bad self…this young man has rhythm.” Another person posted, “Excuse me…excuse me young man, just where did you get all that attitude to feel all that? Your mom has to keep her eye on you.”

This video is the cherry on top.

Despite the fact that the actual song, “The Get Up” includes a lot of step-by-step instructions, you still kind of need to have some natural talent to make the moves look good. This kid didn’t just make them look good…he made them look fantastic. Whether being told to “Take it down now, take it, take it down now,” or “Bring it up now, bring it, bring it up now,” he nailed it.

You too can be a part of the Git-Up challenge.

It doesn’t really matter if you’re not very good on the dance floor, this challenge is all about having an awesome time. You can find actual tutorials on the internet which will guide you through each and every single verse and the chorus of the song. If you’re fortunate enough, you’ll have some incredible moves like this young boy and won’t need them.

Source: YouTube

If you want to have some extra fun, throw a party and make everyone present participate in the challenge. Then take a video of the “performance” and post it online. Of course, if you’re brave enough, you might do what this child in particular did…do the challenge alone.