Small Boy’s Great Audition Makes Judges Slam Buzzer After Just 3 Seconds

No matter how old you are, you probably put your fist in the air in anticipation of rocking out when you hear the opening notes to Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.” And although the lead singer Steve Perry’s awesome voice is nearly impossible to copy, we’re all happy to try (and mostly fail).

So when a 8-year-old mamed Nathan Bautista walked out onto the stage for the blind audition of the very first season of The Voice Kids Philippines and those opening notes played, the judges were already ready to rock out.

Over 10,000 children auditioned for the first season of the show but only 100 were able to make it to the blind auditions.

Now, when the contestants walk out, the judges are seated with their backs to the stage. Only if they’re interested in personally mentoring a singer through the following rounds do they push a button and get to actually be able to see the contestant.

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It only took 3 seconds for all three judges to slam their buttons and turn around to see Bautista as soon as he started singing.

Backstage, his family went from nervous to relieved.

While the judges were looking on, the 8-year-old sang some decidedly unchildish lyrics, much to everyone’s amusement (does he really know “the smell of wine and cheap perfume”?)

Judges Lea Salonga and Bamboo Mañalac are already out of their seats a pretty long time before the chorus hits.

What can we say, there’s just something you cannot resist when it comes to a Journey song!

As soon as Bautista hits that first big note, the audience erupts in applause.

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The judges seem ready to give him the final prize already. They’re singing along, dancing, and cheering the boy on.

Ok, let’s face it, he does miss a few great opportunities to hit a few more high notes, but we need to keep in mind the fact that he is only 8-years-old and Steve Perry even admitted that he needs to work hard to keep his voice in shape.

After his performance, Bautista got a standing ovation and even legendary Broadway star Lea Salonga couldn’t help but run on stage in order to congratulate him.

Ever since the 2014 performance, Bautista’s audition has been watched more than 17.6 million times.

And despite the fact that he made it to the next round with his eyes closed, he was eliminated in the sing-offs.

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Before his audition on The Voice, the talented boy won the 2013 Promil i-Shine Talent Camp Grand Singing Champion, so this wasn’t his first great performance.

Bautista credits his dad with his love for classic rock.

But according to his YouTube page, his roots are actually in gospel and he began humming along to music before he turned even a year old!

“Before he turned One-year-old Nathan’s vocabulary was already rich with words from the gospel, picked up from the first songs he heard in church. Since the day he learned his first song, music has filled his heart and home.”

“Don’t Stop Believin’” seems to be what rose him to fame and he has recorded multiple music videos for the song ever since this audition.

Bautista still sings in different venues all around The Philippines and uploads videos on his YouTube channel. His voice is maturing super quickly and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this mini singing sensation!

Source: YouTube

Make sure to scroll down below if you want to view his original audition on The Voice Kids Philippines.