Seventy-four-year-old looks a few decades younger after her stunning makeover

Anyone who was lucky enough to have had a makeover knows what a confidence boost it can be. The goal was to look as young as she feels for Bonnie.

But we have to face it, Bonnie is already looking gorgeous for 74! Her skin is amazing, she’s already going a great job with subtle but flattering makeup, and her perfect eyebrows to frame her beautiful face.

However, it was time for something new, that’s why she made her way to the king of all makeovers, Christopher Hopkins (aka The Makeover Guy).

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She was very eager to change up her look, traveling from her home in Naples, Florida to his Minneapolis, Minnesota studio.

Christopher Hopkins specializes in giving makeovers to men and women over the age of 45. He is the author of Staging Your Comeback: A Complete Beauty Revival for Woman Over 45.

This man’s makeovers are so popular that Bonnie’s video has gotten more than 35,000 views in just a few days!

She told Hopkins she was most concerned about getting a new hairstyle, she said:

“I’m 74 and . . . I feel maybe 50.”

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What’s even better, she’s always changing her look, so a transformation won’t be too traumatic for the silver-haired senior.

Even though Bonnie’s video is just a quick 50 seconds long, Hopkins said of her day in the studio:

“Bonnie didn’t stop talking all day, unless she was in front of the camera. But she’s a lot of fun, and we loved her natural hair color.”

It’s hard to know how Hopkins might improve her look by just looking at her hair color. Her makeup is already lovely and her hair quite short, so there’s no dramatic haircut in the offing.

Actually, when you first see Bonnie’s transformation, you might think that it’s pretty subtle – the haircut and style are both fabulous, but she looks very similar.

You can see just how much glam he was able to give her only when you compare the side-by-side photos.


Even though he didn’t change her hair color – which is quite a departure from his usual approach – Hopkins gave Bonnie a spunky and sweeping asymmetrical cut with some great bangs as well as much more shape in the back.

Bonnie’s biggest change is her smile. She looks so much happier and she’s positively beaming after her makeover, as she’s asked how she’s feeling about her new look:

“Great joy. What a pleasure to be here today,” she exclaimed.
And even though that it’s not one of his most drastic makeovers, commenters were loving the latest transformation:

“I was skeptical he couldn’t do much with hair that short…I was wrong!!!,” said one.
Other commenters admired the power of a good haircut.

Source: YouTube

“This is an example of how a simple haircut can totally change a person! Nice makeover!” one woman exclaimed.
The most usual remark was that Bonnie already looked exceptional for her age – and yet Hopkins, as usual, managed to knock a few more years off.

There’s definitely nothing wrong with aging, but Bonnie wanted to look as young as she feels in this case.