Seven Little Girls Line Up On Stage And Make The Crowd Roar With Laughter After They Forget Their Next Move

A Christmas classic that was originally performed by Brenda Lee is “Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree”, a song that is very beloved all around the world. It had got a bluesy rock vibe and a very catchy chorus and will remain a timeless hit forever and ever.

Also, it has become a great song choice for when dancers are looking to choreograph something special for the holiday season. It is cheery, upbeat, and most definitely dance-worthy. All over the world, all over the world dance to the song as soon as it’s December and it is not exactly hard to see the reason why.

A group of little girls decided to take up a dance routine to the song for school and let us just say, it is the cutest thing you will see all day. Probably even all week!

The second these girls get on stage, you know it is going to be so lovely.

Source: YouTube

7 small girls appear on stage at school as their families cheer them on. Each and every one of them is wearing adorable matching outfits — Santa hats, black shirts with a big red bow on the front, and fluffy red and white skirts. Their teachers quickly lead them to their spots.

When the choreographed dance begins, all of these cute girls look pretty confused and start to do their own thing, barely following the planned moves. And spoiler alert: it doesn’t get better. Pretty much the whole time, they dance like this.

Some girls look more lost than others as they dance around on stage. Some of them look around and kind of just wiggle around and do their own thing (which is adorable), at the meantime, others clearly enjoy the spotlight, smile and laugh and jump around with extreme enthusiasm (which is also cute).

The most adorable part of the whole routine happens when all seven of the little girls have to line up and dance in a train. And when the moment comes, two girls know what to do right away and hold on to each other’s shoulders.

Source: YouTube

As for the others… Not as much.

Another two or three girls then look over and realize that yes, the train moment is now happening. They go on and grab each other’s shoulders and run over to connect with the rest of the train. It is a hot mess, but it is so pure and perfect in its own way after all.

It is what makes it that much more enjoyable and the parents seem to agree aswell as you can hear them laughing at their kids in the audience.

The whole train is nos connected but there’s a straggler to the left of the stage (who is not in the shot). But you know there is someone who is left behind because every girl on the train is looking back eagerly as they wait for their beloved friend.

Source: YouTube

This just shows that no matter how old you are, you should always come together with your friends. The pureness of all this thing is so real!

Lastly, the last girl hops on the back of the train and it’s a go! All the girls bop around the stage in unison and as the parents show so much love and support. This is the perfect clip to get you in the spirit just in time for the holidays.