Service Dog Acting Strangely In Airport Shocks Owner With Extraordinary Delivery

People and also dogs have been known to give birth in weird places. But this service animal’s very public labor surprised and shocked everyone who was around them.

After Diane Van Atter went into Tampa International Airport together with her two dogs, service animal Eleanor Rigby and her boyfriend Golden Nugget, she got the surprise of her life.

In the beginning, it looked like it would be an usual boring flight. Diane and her dogs waited to board their flight to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania just like everyone else did.

But afterwards Eleanor, or Ellie as she’s mostly known, began to whine desperately.

Diane was pretty confused by thus, because Ellie had been on a variety of different flights in the past without causing any problem whatsoever. Why was she acting up now?

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Ellie started panting. Not long after, she seemed to collapse. Diane became super worried.

Golden Nugget also began to act strangely. Instead of panicking at his girlfriend’s sudden illness, he seemed weirdly calm. He was softly kissing her head and protecting her. But he wasn’t as distressed as Diane.

Shortly after, the paramedics arrived on the scene in order to help the dog. But then, Ellie’s mystery “illness” became clear to everyone. The dog was not even suffering from a disease at all. A puppy’s head emerged from Ellie. The dog had been pregnant!

Diane was happy but still shocked. She hadn’t even had the slightest idea that her beloved dog was pregnant. But by now, she and everyone present at the scene were delighted at what they were witnessing.

With encouragement from Diane, Golden Nugget and the passengers waiting for their flight, Ellie continued working through her labor. And shortly after, the dog had delivered another puppy, and then another, and then another, and then another.

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In the end, seven puppies came into the world at that particular departure gate. There were six boys and one girl. It was by far the cutest thing that anyone who was present at the scene had ever witnessed in an airport!

Unshockingly, Diane, Ellie and Golden Nugget missed their flight. But on the bright side, they now had seven puppies to care for!

Diane and the dogs had to put off their vacation at the last minute. So the lady and her now much bigger family of dogs got inside of her car and drove back home.

At home, Diane wanted to ensure herself that all of the puppies were warm and still just as healthy as at the airport.

In the days following the birth, Ellie was quickly able to regain her strength, and the puppies have all developed normally. Golden Nugget is also a very proud father!

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When the puppies become okd enough, they will begin to train in order to become service dogs themselves. It could be that the people in the airport that day were in the presence of an entire family of animal lifesavers!

During the labor, the passengers of the flight went on social media in order to report what was happening. Quickly, the incident had gone viral thanks to all of the different posts.

The official Tampa International Airport page on Facebook has even uploaded a video of the birth.

It quickly gathered more than hundreds of thousands of views.

It just goes to show that dogs and puppies can enlighten any situation. You won’t even be sad about it if they make you skip your vacation!

Posted by Tampa International Airport on Friday, May 25, 2018