Roofer Tricks Lady Who Won’t Allow Him To Work For Free With Plan Gone Viral

The stereotype of home contractors is the belief that they’ll rip off their clients for every penny. This roofer shows that sometimes that is not necessarily the case.

Jeanette MacDonald has always been a fiercely independent woman. But for the first time in her life, in her 70s, she was going through a problem that she couldn’t solve.

Her roof was literally crumbling apart. At one point a roofing company had begun to work on the roof, but they had given up for a much more appealing job halfway through the workings.

So all MacDonald and her four living grandsons were all stuck in a home that was pretty much missing part of a roof.

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The original company that had taken up to do the work but which had given up on the job refused to return MacDonald’s calls. So she applied for a government grant in order to pay for someone reputable to finish the work. The cost of the original work had all but destroyed the woman’s savings. But this grant was taking a super long time to come through.

Throughout all this time, someone was taking note. Jeremy Locke was a roofer who lived close to MacDonald’s damaged home.

Over the course of a few weeks and months, he drove closely by the home, and his heart sank each and every time that he saw that the damage was still there.

So Locke was a volunteer in order to fix the roof in his spare time. He didn’t personally know MacDonald, but he could tell that she was a senior lady who was struggling.

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But MacDonald didn’t take up Locke’s offer. She couldn’t stand the idea of anyone working for free for her. She’d always paid for everything throughout her whole entire life. And she was determined to have the money for the roofing repairs.

So Locke got back to his work. But again, he would pass by the home, and being aware of the fact that MacDonald was suffering in her home would play on his conscience.

One more time, Locke made the offer to do MacDonald’s roof, at a nominal rate. But still, she refused.

Locke gave up. But shortly after, he came up with a smart plan.

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He was aware of the fact that businesses sometimes hold raffles for free work to gain publicity. So one day what he did was drive up to MacDonald’s home and told her that he was holding a raffle.

MacDonald agreed to enter the raffle and took a ticket from Locke. Locke wished her the best of luck, but really, she didn’t need any luck. She was the only person who was a part of the raffle.

Not many days later, Locke called MacDonald up with the good news. She had won the “raffle.” He was going to start working on her roof the next Monday.

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MacDonald simply couldn’t believe it. This work would undoubtedly improve her and her grandsons’ quality of life.

So Locke began working, and in a couple of days, MacDonald’s roof was looking better than it ever had.

Locke would have gotten away with the entire scheme, if it had not been for his wife.

She informed her friends about Locke’s fake raffle, and these friends of hers told friends of theirs. Before the work was finished, everyone in the town had been informed all about Locke’s good deed. Fortunately, by the time a news crew showed up to document the repair, MacDonald herself had found out about Locke’s trick and accepted it.

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MacDonald and her grandsons are going to be eternally thankful for Locke’s work. Locke is modest, even though the work ended up costing him $9,000!

Undoubtedly, Locke has a kind soul!

A 'guardian angel' tricked her into accepting a free roof

Jeanette MacDonald won a new roof in a lottery… but didn't realize no one else had a ticket.Via CBC Nova Scotia

Posted by CBC Prince Edward Island on Friday, November 8, 2019