Queen’s guard broke formation to single out little boy

Of course that birthdays are special at any age, but when you’re little they’re even more magical.

A British mother named Imogen Scott desperately wanted her son Marshall to have a memorable fourth birthday. So, because her son really loved the Queen’s Guard, she decided to take him on a trip to Windsor Castle to see the guardsmen up close.

However, what the woman didn’t expect is for one of the royal guardsmen to make his fantasy come true – and for the moment to go viral.

In general, kids have different characters and heroes that they look up to while growing up. Marshall had an infatuation with the soldiers that are well known for protecting Her Majesty.

Source: Imogen Echo Scott

Before the guy’s birthday trip to Windsor Castle, he got all dressed up in his very own Coldstream Guard costume to wear on the tour. Marshall looked totally adorable wearing his ‘bearskin’ hat and red jacket. Actually, he tourists even asked if they could take photos with him!

Even though having the chance to visit the castle was a special gift on its own – the boy ended up getting a bigger surprise he’ll never forget. It all took place during the Changing of the Guard ceremony.
The youngster stood with his mom as a line of guardsmen went marching towards their “Guard Room.” Looking like a mini-soldier, Marshall saluted them as they passed by.

It looks like it was going to be as close as the birthday boy would get to his heroes. That is until one of them turned around.

Source: YouTube

At that moment, a guardsman marched back out of the doorway and went straight towards Marshall. Then he signaled him over with his finger so they could take a photo together. It’s a scene that’s melted hearts around the globe.

The small boy was filmed standing straight and tall next to his idol, giving a proper salute for the photo. Joanna Feng is the one who actually captured the scene on film – which went viral after a guard shared it online one more time.

The Royal Guardsman who performed the kind act is a man named Lance Corporal Edden.
When on an interview with the Evening Standard, he explained how it wasn’t typically how things went. He told the publication:

“Usually I would just take the guardsmen in the guardroom as normal – but my wife and I are expecting a baby boy, and I remembered standing at Edinburgh Castle when I was younger hoping to get a picture with a soldier.”


He went on:

“I noticed Marshall in a Coldstream guards uniform, and seeing him coming out made me proud of what I do.”
According to Imogen Scott, it was the “BEST BIRTHDAY EVER” for her four-year-old son. After the video went viral, the Coldstream Guards posted a social media message for Marshall in regards to his future. They wrote:

“We have a spot reserved for him at the Army Foundation College Harrogate for the March 2029 intake.”
Often times, the news is filled with negativity, which is perhaps why this sweet story really touched people’s hearts. USA TODAY even created a Humankind version of the video using the footage. In response to it, one viewer wrote:

“Totally awesome! My eyes teared up and I am a full grown 50+yro man. This guard made that kids day, week, month….”

Source: YouTube

Click to watch the video below to see Marshall have his dream come to life thanks to a kind guardsman!