Prom Students Go Into Dance Floor Then Shock Everyone With Beautiful Traditional Dance

Dancing is a worldwide art that anyone can relate to. So it’s not that surprising to see that traditional dances have formed in every region since the start of human civilization. One particular dance that was created in the 13th century by Hungarian people, is called Palotás. In this video, these students at prom keep the culture alive in Hungary by performing a traditional dance that will leave you speechless.

The wonderful dance helps these students steal the show on prom night.

Palotás is a partner dance which was created in Hungary way back in the 13th century, but the tradition continues to live even today.

Hungarian culture is filled with folklore traditions, one particular dancing tradition had these students shinning on prom night. The group of students amazed the crowd with this amazing Palotás dance.

The girls were dressed in beautiful white gowns as if it was their wedding dress, while the males looked dashing in traditional tuxedos. In the start of the dance, they hop and scoot their feet to the music before elegantly circling each other.

Source: YouTube

As soon as they meet up with a partner, the dancers bounce to the music while circling one another

After spinning around each other many many times, the partners join hands and keep on doing the Palotás dance. The teens beautifully glide across the dance floor, doing something similar to a waltz as the audience watches in amazement.

What a wonderful traditional dance, the teens really nail it too! It’s not done yet however, the dancers start doing more complex steps and even switching partners.

In the middle of switching partners, the students mimic each other’s steps until three of the girls are lifted into the air

During this part, the other dancers make a huge circle, the ones in the middle lift up their partners while they are striking a pose. Without skipping a beat, the Palotás is only getting better.

Source: YouTube

They break into another round of partner dancing, afterwards, the gentlemen get down on one knee while the girls happily walk around them.

During what seems to be the final display, the girls throw themselves into their partner’s laps and lean back with their arms straight out.

While the traditional dance comes to an ending, the girls beautifully strut around the guys before sitting in their laps. The crowd begins cheering in amazement and the talented dancers take a bow.

Even their finish part is brilliant! Each and every single pair of students walks off the stage, still on cue with the music and flashing huge smiles

People on YouTube seemed to love the traditional Hungarian Palotás dance, more than 3.2k people liked the student performance.

A lot of them took to YouTube to congratulate the dancers.

Source: YouTube

“Amazing!! This is only achieved with years of school fellowship. They are all dressed very well. Congratulations for that tradition, the people that we don’t have gives us a lot of envy but good envy, no bad envy. Congratulations again.” Said a YouTube user.

“Absolutely beautiful.” Said another one.

These students don’t allow the tradition to go away with this amazing Palotás. If you want to watch the beautiful dance, watch the video below.