Police Officers Accept A Dare- Get The Whole City Involved In Singing Backstreet Boys Hit Song

Police Officers have a pretty difficult job, so it’s always good to see kind-hearted cops with a funny side! The Police Department in Saskatoon, Canada, joined a super hilarious lip-syncing contest, singing the Backstreet Boys and it is unbelievably funny!

Their video was so hysterical, it has ever since gone viral and has been watched more than 1.2 million times!

These Canadian Police Officers lip-sync Backstreet Boys and it’s too hilarious to miss

We’ve all listened to the famous Backstreet Boys song, “I Want it That Way,” most of us have even sung along and know the majority of the words. The popular song was released in 1999, and even all this time later, it’s still making a buzz!

This time it’s not the Backstreet Boys who are making the buzz, it’s these cops from Saskatoon, Canada, who sarcastically lip-sync the song and deliver an iconic performance! The video begins with five cops in a line-up, one by one they start singing a part of the chorus.

Source: YouTube

A minute into the video, the camera changes to a full-on music video, they’ve even got a police airplane in the video

Dozen’s of Officers volunteered all of their free time in order to make this video happen, they went all out and it is obvious in this video!

In the plane scene, an Officer stands in the middle of a group with a flight helmet on, while perfectly lip-syncing the words, hand gestures and all.

This will have you bursting in laughter, every single cop is so up to make this happen.

The Saskatoon Police went above and beyond to make the video so successful, they shot scenes at multiple locations to make it like a professional music video. We’re not entirely sure whether they practiced or just knew the lyrics to the song, but their lip-syncing is unbeatable!

One of Saskatoon’s K-9 Officers was also a part of the video! In the next scene, the amusing video moves to Tim Hortons

Source: YouTube

This is undoubtedly my favorite scene! The video is out of nowhere inside of Tim Hortons, a female Officer is looking into the donut display with a wonderful look while continuing to lip-sync to the song.

Then, it’s slow-motion shots of cops eating donuts funnily! They did a better job on the next scene, the policemen also had costumes and special effects too!

A few of the cops put on super-hero costumes and even got the tactical SWAT team to be in the video, together with their armored vehicle and everything.

The epic finale is a mirage of Officers dressed like super-heroes, a smoke machine, flashing lights, and even the SWAT team! A SWAT Officer pops out of the top of the armored vehicle, all while lip-syncing “I Want it That Way.” They nailed this lip-syncing contest, it’s not at least surprising that the video went viral!

Being able to pull off moves like that, it’s no shocking that the video has gone viral! More than 1.2 million people have made sure to watch the comical performance.

Source: YouTube

People all over the world have seen the Saskatoon Police’s lip-syncing video, it’s great because it puts the Police under a whole different perspectivr for the public to see! We’re used to seeing tough, rigid Police, so seeing cops with a sense of humor is pretty nice for a change !

Police officers make sure to accept the dare – get the town involved in ‘bringing the smooth’ with Backstreet Boys classic