Police Officer Pulls Over Man, Doesn’t Realize His Wife Planned The Whole Traffic Stop

There are various different ways to tell your partner you’re pregnant, but many women seem to go for a much more clever surprise.

A Texas woman went one step ahead in order to prank her husband in a way that he would never forget.

Nikki had a former friend over at the Hurst Police Department and she asked him if he’d take part in the special announcement. She had even visualised a whole plan to get him pulled over by the officer in order for her to deliver the news.

While the couple was driving down the road one day, sirens blared. Nikki’s husband Jarred had no idea why he was being pulled over and, like the majority of us, he was nervous that he had done something wrong but didn’t know what.

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While he was fidgeting with the stereo and trying to figure out what was going on, Nikki told him he needed to relax. She knew exactly what was about to go on.

While the cop was approaching, Jarred realized that he knew the officer from somewhere, but that didn’t make him any less anxious about potentially getting a ticket. Nevertheless, the two greeted each other fondly.

“How’s it goin’? I haven’t seen you in forever, man,” said the officer.

After a short exchange, the officer told Jarred why he pulled him over.

“I gotta be honest. The reason why I stopped you is you have a child in the car with no child seat,” he said, pointing to an empty back seat.

Jarred was shocked.

“I don’t have a child,” he said.

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As the officer said, “are you sure?” Nikki got her part ready – it was her positive pregnancy test.

Jarred looked around the car, insisting that this was all one big gigantic mistake, but ar last, the officer pointed to the passenger seat where Nikki was holding the test.

“We do have a child in the car with no car seat!” she said as she smiled at her husband.

His jaw dropped. It was a great surprise as his face lit up with happines while he was staring at the test in disbelief.

He took the test to see for himself, still shocked by the news.

“I think that means you’re a daddy, buddy,” the officer said while he jokingly suggested they name the baby Todd, after him.

That’s when the officer’s partner walked up to the passenger side window with a bag of present Nikki had filled with them earlier.

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She gave it to her husband who was flustered and super excited at the same time.

Inside the bag was a small teddy bear with the message “Dad, see you on your birthday.”

Her due date was Jarred’s date of birth.

The bag also contained a onesie that said: “I love my amazing dad.”

Overjoyed, he thanked the officer and returned to his wife to tell her how happy he was as he kissed her all over.

The couple laughed as Jarred tried to contain his breathing after the adrenaline rush of being pulled over and then being told he was going to become a father.

While it all worked out perfectly, PEOPLE reported that Jarred had just gotten out of the hospital where he had been admitted twice in the last 6 months for panic and anxiety attacks. Actually, the couple knew the officers because they had been there to help out during a very difficult time in Jarred’s life:

“I actually met the officers in the video during a very traumatic panic episode in November 2016 and ever since he’s become a great advocate for my family and I,” he said.

Source: YouTube

We’re just super happy that the poor guy didn’t have a heart attack when he was pulled over!

Make sure to go down below if you want to watch the announcement that Nikki recorded.