Police Dog Steals The Spotlight In Policemen’s Latest Dance Challenge

Do you remember the cinnamon challenge or the chubby bunny challenge which were famous on Youtube in the past? Well, one of the newest challenges consists of a dance and it couldn’t be more fun!

Begun by Blanco Brown, who is the person who also created a dancing tutorial for his song “The Git Up”- which counts more than 43M views- last summer, there have been so many people dancing to it that it became a pretty viral trend a few months back.

Blanco’s tutorial alone has been watched by nearly 10 million people.

With that being said, the Git Up challenge took over the internet a few months baxk and it was accepted by a lot of people worldwide, from teenagers to nurses and medical staff in hospitals like Mayo Clinic, to firefighters, to Police Departments.

Source: YouTube

It is a dance challenge which is bringing families, friends, and even co-workers together with the main purpose of having a “good time!”

The challenge was accepted by Sutter County Sheriff’s Office, who buddied up together with Yuba City Police Department, Sutter County Courts, and Sutter County Code Enforcement, to dance it off! As we know from the movies, a little dance battle is always a pretty good problem-solver.

The whole thing was caught on tape and it was posted on Youtube. It now has over 1.5M views.

The story is pretty much that a Yuba City police car, and Sutter County Sheriff’s car are fighting over a parking spot. Staff from all the departments then gathers around them in order to see what is going on and they decide to have a dance-off. And then it all starts!

Apparently, these cops seem to have practiced their “Git Up” moves during their coffee breaks, because all of them are quite good.

Source: YouTube

The most wonderful thing about this video, though, is the fact that they have come up with a full background story which leads to a dance-off. As you may remember, a lot of police and fire departments did the same with their “lip-sync challenge” videos. You gotta enjoy all of the creativity!

Afterwards, a group of ten officers and staff, together with a police dog, starts dancing to the sound of the “Git Up” song and the finished product is super adorable!

The routine consists of a variety of line dancing-type steps like the butterfly, the cowboy boogie, and the hoedown. Despite the fact that the dance is very fun to do with a group, like Blanco Brown points out at the beginning of the track, “if you’re by yourself no worries.”

Source: YouTube

The people who have commented on the video down below congratulate the police staff for showing us that they, as well, are people just like everyone else, and that they can have some fun from time to time.

The group follows the moves of the dance amazingly, while a police dog, a super cute German shepherd, is trying to discover what’s going on, probably wondering why he wasn’t trained for this, but all along he does the best he can in order to keep up with the dance steps.

“Great job, my hats off to all and thank you for your Service,” someone wrote.

Now, thankfully to this video and a lot of other videos similiar to this one, we get to be reminded that despite the fact that police officers, just like doctors or judges, give us the impression that they are 24/7 serious and tough, they have the right to enjoy themselves aswell and this doesn’t take away the hero quality from them- not in the slightest.

Source: YouTube

You may or may not get motivated to get up and dance yourself after watching their fun looking video down below!