Owner Sees Dog Behaving Strangely, Secretly Takes Video Of Garbageman’s Actions

It can be pretty difficult to make a judgement about what people are really like when no one else is watching. This dog owner decided to find out his garbage man’s real intentions for his adorable dog.

Joshua Byrne adores his dog, Shelby. But he noticed that she would act in a strange way each time that the garbage truck pulled in.

Every week, when the garbage truck stopped at his home, Shelby would race around.

Byrne simply couldn’t understand why the dog reacted so strongly to the truck pulling in. Was she annoyed by all of the noises?

Oftentimes, Byrne allows Shelby to relax in the front yard of his home, with the dog tied to a post.

He found out that when chained to the post, Shelby could just about reach the trash cans.

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That was when his suspicions were aroused. Could something be happening between the dog and the garbage man?

Byrne had never watched outside when the garbage truck pulled up and the dog had been tied to the post in the yard. But he decided that this time he would be sure to watch and record it.

So that morning, Byrne patiently waited at home, with the front door of his home open. At around 10 am he heard the garbage truck pull up. He immediately ran to the window and started recording on his phone, anxious to see what Shelby’s distress was all about.

Shelby sprinted out of the door and ran right up to the garbage man.

Firstly, Byrne was anxious. She thought that the dog was going to attack the garbage man. But what happened next changed his entire opinion.

The garbage man reached out and put his hands on the animal.

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The dog wasn’t acting in an agressive way, however.

The garbage man began to pet Shelby, greeting her like an old friend. Obviously, the garbage man was an animal lover.

Shelby couldn’t get enough of the garbage man. She ran around him, playing and sniffing around.

Afterwards, the dog ran back inside, wagging his tail happily.

Byrne figured out that his dog had formed a friendship that he didn’t have any idea about. Just imagine all the other things that he didn’t know about the dog!

Then the garbage man saw Byrne and waved joyfully. Byrne walked up to the garbage man, with Shelby in tow.

Byrne thanked the garbage man for being so friendly to Shelby. He explained that he had had no idea why Shelby was acting like she did when she was inside the house and the garbage truck pulled up.

One thing was for sure: Byrne would be allowing her dog play outside much more often on garbage collection days from now on!

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Out of all of the things that could have happened, this was the best possible result. Byrne thought that he was silly for worrying about what was happening to Shelby in the mornings. But in the end, he was just looking out for his beloved dog.

Now, each and every single week, Shelby and the garbage man get to spend around two minutes saying hi and playing around in the front yard.

Joshua Byrne posted this video on YouTube, where it has become a hit online. Until today, it has reached over 10.5 million views. It has also had over 67,000 likes and 3,000 comments. People have been commenting things like such:

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What a great connection they have!