NBA Created 50-And-Over Dance Team That Stole Everyone’s Hearts

We all know that dancing is fierce. Mostly because it requires endurance, rhythm, grace, precision, and a whole lot of practice. It is definitely not for the faint of heart – which is exactly the reason why you usually see younger people actively participating in performances.

The the Washington Wizards, the NBA team, is changing that not only by employing their regular dance team that performs during halftime at home-games, but by also staffing a team of older women who they call “The Wizdoms”.

This is a team of 20 50-and-older dancers who perform at a handful of home-games for the Wizards. And they aren’t out there shuffling around either, they are expected to bust some serious moves. Derric Whitfield, the team’s director, has a mission to use the team as a way to prove that “anyone can dance”.

Source: Instagram

But still, Derric expects nothing but the best from the Wizdoms. The 20 members were selected from a pool of 50+ people trying out for the team. Consequently, only the best of the best were selected. The team execute each move with precision and grace, and they intend perform a different routine at each game they are a part of.

Luckily, the crowds love them, too. They have a lot of support from Wizards’ fans. According to Derric, after their performance, you’d think the team just won the game based on the cheers from the audience.

“The fans really get behind them, and it’s an instant support that they get because they’re older, but when they come out and they’re performing these moves and executing them as great as they are, the shock value is another thing, as well, that gets the crowd.”

Source: Instagram

All of those dancers also love the opportunity to get out in front of people. A great number of them were cheerleaders, dancers, and performers in their younger days (one was a cheerleader for the Redskins when they won the Super Bowl in 1983!). They definitely love getting out there to show everyone that they still have it, and they have the added bonus of supporting their team in this whole process!