Native American Start Dancing As Marine Walked Up And Joined In

Last year, there was a video that circulated the internet that captured people’s attention in a quite positive way.

It was a video of a Marine who had been invited to participate in a Native American powwow ceremony and was honored there at the same time. But the thing that really stood out is when he joined in on a traditional dance alongside a man dressed in a Native American headpiece.

The entire scene took place at the Iowa Powwow, which is an annual event hosted by the Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma.

It’s a weekend full of dancing, dance competitions, singing, feasting – and where life and fellowship are celebrated, as explained on the Bahkhoje website. They also say:

“This is the time when veterans, chiefs, royalty, and dancers make a grand entrance into the sacred arena. Flags are carried by veterans to honor our fallen, retired, and present veterans.”

Source: YouTube

Lance Corporal Marland Trey Kent was asked to join in on the powwow that year. The man also had the opportunity to carry the American flag into the arena during the ceremony on Friday.

However, another activity that the Marine took part in that was the thing that ended up going viral. He took center-view and began impressively dancing in a traditional style, all while dressed in uniform. The man next to him in the Native American attire is his father, so he isn’t just a stranger.

Corporal Vincent Kent was there that evening as well in celebration of the Bahkhoje people. He was also on active duty, just like his son.

All the people watched in awe as Lance Corporal Marland Trey Kent and his father danced to the music while staying in unison. The sight was extremely powerful with the blending of Native American culture and the United States military culture. Together, the men performed a Native American version of “changing of the guard.”

Source: Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma

A lot of other participants followed close behind the duo as they danced. Some people dressed in uniforms and others dressed in traditional clothing, from young to old.

Hugh Foley captured the whole scene and then he posted the video from the Iowa Powwow on YouTube.
In just a short time, it went viral and made headlines across the internet. Afterward, Corporal Vincent Kent contacted the channel and provided a few details. He also explained that the pair were actually experienced in dancing. He said:

“We did not practice this dance because we are both straight dancers from the Ponca War Dance Society. That’s how come he busted a move like he did!”

Source: YouTube

A lot of people left comments on Hugh Foley’s YouTube channel in response to the video. One person felt very emotional after watching it.

“I cried when I saw this man dancing in a uniform. I could feel just how prideful and honored he felt for his roots, and to me that’s one of the most beautiful ways to display your heritage! I love it!!”
Another one was reminded of their own background.

“Seeing this brings back memories… to see an Iowa dance;., And, I am proud to be from my multi cultural home state of Oklahoma It makes me feel good to see 2 warriors.”

Source: YouTube

You don’t really see a father and son celebrate their culture together so beautifully every day, all the while also honoring their military backgrounds.

Click below if you want to watch them dance for yourself!