Modern Swing Dancers Display Old Style While Tearing The Dance Floor To “Hey Baby!”

Modern swing dance gathers together a number of styles of footwork and dress and it’s one of the rare athletic endeavors where people of all shapes and sizes are welcome, and with the right amount of talent, can succeed.

Swing dance is widely based on the popular Lindy Hop, famous in jazz clubs from the late 1920s through the 1940s. And although its origins are in the U.S., the style has become famous across the whole wide world.

Enter Bianca Locatelli (a native Italian who moved to Sweden during her teenage years) and Nils Andrén (a native Swede) who now dance on Sweden’s national team in “Boogie Woogie” and “Lindy Hop” competitions, especially.

Both dancers have been trained in many different types of dance – ballet, jazz, Latin, ballroom, etc. – and have been performing swing together ever since they met each other at the age of 16.

Source: Facebook

They now travel internationally for showcases, competitions, and workshops and are most commonly known for their “vintage” flair.

And it’s pretty easy to figure out why other dancers can learn a lot from them. Actually, a video of their performance at the Rock That Swing Festival at the Deutsches Theater in Munich, Germany on February 11, 2018 now has gathered more than 13 million views on YouTube!

In the video, the ex Swedish national champions tear up the floor with a routine danced to Bruce Channel’s 1961 hit “Hey Baby!” (which you might more possibly recognize from the 1987 movie Dirty Dancing – or, now, from sports arenas, considering the fact that everyone knows the words to the lighthearted song).

The performance itself is obviously something extraordinary, not only because of the technical proficiency of the dancers but because of how much fun they appear to be having. And commenters agreed:

“They have so much fun I can’t take my eyes off them! Great!!!”

Source: YouTube

The pair seem to be keeping some of the Boogie Woogie-style footwork but also melding it with the swing outs which are the factors that pretty much make the Lindy Hop so iconic.

And then there’s the actual pure theater they bring to the fun-to-watch performance.

All eyes appear to be on Nils for this specific dance – and it’s only fair so because he’s surely feeling it!

“I love this! That guy can really dance! That guy’s dancing is pure art. He was meant to do that. He told the whole song with his dance I must have watched this 10 times already. I can’t stop watching this guy dance. His partner is perfect also. But he’s a real actor to this song,” a person commented.

Well, now we are aware of the fact of how it got up to 13 million views! Actually, a lot of different commenters said that they have seen it many times in a row.

Source: YouTube

We can’t blame them with moves such as this:

Despite the fact that there are no elaborate, flashy lifts or gymnastic maneuvers, the two move and flow so amazingly together that an amateur could never hope to duplicate their amazing charisma.

But a part of the beauty of swing is that the basic steps themselves are accessible to pretty much every person.

Bianca and Nils are clear evidence of what years of practice can do when you add artistry and creativity to that foundation.

Source: YouTube

And although the two are undoubtedly artists, they also love the formal aspects of dance. According to their Facebook bio:

“They love swing dancing because it brings people together and spreads joy between them, but also because it has a technical and ‘nerdy’ side. The dance challenges them in keeping practicing, creating and expressing.”

Make sure to scroll down below in order to catch their super entertaining performance!