Matthew McConaughey Makes 800 Meals For Firefighters Who Are Fighting Against LA Wildfires

Now that Halloween is gone, a lot of Americans have begun to prepare for the holidays. But circumstances are a little different in California this year.

For the past few weeks, wildfires have ravaged the state, managing to burn thousands of acres and driving residents from their homes. Fortunately, brave first responders are showing up every day to make their communities safer! So as a small sign of gratitude, Matthew McConaughey made sure these heroes got some relief of their own.

The actor teamed up with Operation BBQ Relief, a disaster relief organization, and they wanted to prepare turkey dinners for firefighters in Los Angeles who don’t have time to make their own food. They were joined by volunteers from Wild Turkey Bourbon, where McConaughey is the creative director.

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In the beginning, they had thought out the event as a part of Wild Turkey’s annual “With Thanks” charity campaign. Their biggest goal was to honor those who fought the Woolsey Fires last year while recognizing National First Responders Day on October 28. But the recent events for sure shifted their focus.

So on the 1st of November, McConaughey and other volunteers got to work, making sure to prepare 800 turkey dinners for 20 different fire stations and 800 more for local homeless shelters!

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“Little did we know when planning this annual event that California, my second home, would once again be hit with devastating fires,” McConaughey said in a statement. “We are grateful to be here today to say thank you, shine a light on their unwavering conviction, and hopefully inspire others to get involved and help in their own communities.”

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The most amazing part is the fact that Wild Turkey and OBR are far from finished! Throughout the months November and December, the organizations plan to serve turkey dinners to first responders in Dallas, New Orleans, and Chicago. Wild Turkey has also managed to donate $50,000 to help OBR continue reaching those who need it.

What a wonderful reminder that the holiday season is about more than eating delicious food. McConaughey is encouraging anyone who can to volunteer or donate to relief efforts. After all, you don’t have to be a resident in California if you want to help out. All communities have people in need!

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If you want to learn more about the event, watch the video down below, and make sure to share in order to encourage others to give back!

Wild Turkey With Thanks

We’re in LA supporting first responders with Operation BBQ Relief. Operation BBQ Relief provides hot meals to those in need during times of disaster, and we’re proud to be their sponsor. Click here to donate and get involved: or Text DONATEOBR to 41444

Posted by Matthew McConaughey on Friday, November 1, 2019