Man Stages Fake “Proposal” In Order To Let People Know That He’s Finally Adopted His Daughter

As the saying goes, you can always pick your friends, not your family, but that’s not always what happens.

Ever since Tim Bobbitt met Kylee, his girlfriend Annie’s little daughter, he was aware of the fact that they were going to get on well with each other. Kylee welcomed him into their lives with open arms, and it didn’t make much time for them to become the best of friends!

While Tim and Annie continued to grow closer, he grew to become a father figure to the middle schooler because he was always there for her. He went to all of her cheerleading and dance competitions and spent hours each and every single day playing video games with her.

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On the day that Tim got married to Annie, Kylee surprised him and read him a letter at the altar. She asked him to adopt her, and undoubtedly, Tim was more than happy to say yes! After the wedding was over, he got right to work in order to make that come true.

After months of legal paperwork were finally done, everything fell into place in 2017, at last. Instead of telling Kylee right away, her parents made the decision to make the moment a little bit more sentimental by staging a fale family photo shoot. Tim got a letter ready and even bough a ring for Kylee before getting down on one knee in order to officially ask her to become his legal daughter.

“I absolutely love going to all your cheer and dance comps,” he told her. “I love watching you grow into the beautiful young lady you are. I love being the person you come to when you are hurt or scared. I love holding your hand when we walk through the store or when you’re scared to ride the roller coaster.”

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“But most of all, Kylee,” he continued, “I look forward to the day I can walk you down the aisle when you get married because that’s what fathers do. The reason why I can say that is because today, in front of all of our family and friends, is the day I get to adopt you.”

Kylee instantly broke down into tears and buried herself into her father’s arms. Afterwards, finally, the Bobbitts went to the courthouse so they could sign the paperwork and make their family official.

There are times when you get to choose your family, and when you do that, it’s a happy for everyone present! Congratulations, Bobbitts!

Source: YouTube

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