Man Sends Elderly Homeless Dog At A Pet Store And Buys Him Each Thing He Touches

King is a 12-year-old dog who has had a pretty difficult life.

The poor dog was left by his former owner and was living on the streets. Not long after, the dog got hit by a car, and he unfortunately lost one of his front legs. After his surgery was done, animal rescue group Marley’s Mutts took him in. They tried their best in order to find King a home, but since he was pretty elderly it wasn’t that easy. Months went by, and nobody put in an application for King.

Afterwards, TV host Rocky Kanaka heard about King’s story, and he decided he wanted to help the dog.

Rocky is the host of a TV show named Dog’s Day Out. On this show, Rocky takes shelter dogs out to have the perfect day. The dogs always have a lot of fun, and being on the show often leads to the pups finding permanent homes.

Source: YouTube

For King’s perfect day out, Rocky made the decision to take him on a once-in-a-lifetime shopping spree. In a YouTube video, Rocky told his viewers that he would buy King everything he touched, from fish food to toys. The only thing he said he wouldn’t buy him is a hamster!

Rocky and King started their shopping spree, and King had a lot of fun. The first thing he chose to buy was some dog food.

After that, Rocky sent him over to the toy section. King had never owned a toy before, and he was a little bit confused about what they were. Rocky chose a dinosaur toy for him, and King sniffed it. Rocky counted that as King touching it and put it inside of their cart.

Source: YouTube

While the shopping spree was still going on, King picked out everything from treats to a giant ball to a toy rope to a rawhide bone. He even chose a dog nerf gun that launches tennis balls!

“He’s cleaning house!” Rocky cracked a joke while King touched treat after treat with his nose.

At some point in the video, King shocked Rocky by touching a huge cat tree. Rocky laughed but purchased it for him—a deal was a deal after all.

By the time the shopping spree ended, Rocky had a shopping cart full of adorably fun toys and treats. King’s tail didn’t stop wagging as he looked at all his new gifts.

Shortly after the video was uploaded, a lady adopted King!

Source: YouTube

Rocky was super happy when he found out that King would be going to a good home. In order to celebrate, he took King on another shopping spree. King chose a lot of more items to buy. He also tried to adopt a bird, but Rocky drew the line there.