Mailman Was Confused When His Favorite Dog Wasn’t Home, Then He Saw A Tear-Jerking Note On The Box

This mailman named Fernando has always loved dogs. And one dog on his route formed an especially close connection with him.

Mailmen and German Shepherds don’t mix don’t usually mix. That’s because the dogs can be fearsome and protective of their homes. And mailmen, as part of their job, have to cross into these dogs’ territories. But Fernando and Gretchen were nothing like that.

Every morning, Fernando would look forward to meeting Gretchen. Playing with the dog would be the highlight of Fernardo’s day. And obviously, Gretchen loved playing with him too. She would actually look out of the window, waiting for Fernando to arrive every morning.

Fernando would give Gretchen some treats on most days as a thank you for being so playful.

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But something devastating happened one day.

When Fernando arrived at Gretchen’s home, he found out that she wasn’t there. At first, the mailman was confused, but then he found a heartbreaking note attached to the mailbox.

The dog’s owner had written the note. He explained that Gretchen had sadly passed away yesterday. The owner thanked Fernando for playing with Gretchen every day. He also asked if Fernando could give some of Gretchen’s treats to the other dogs on his route.

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Fernando was crying by now. He absolutely loved Gretchen and knew that there would be a big hole in his life now.

Fernando decided to do what Gretchen’s owners asked of him. Every single dog on his route got a treat from Gretchen that day. It was the least he could do to honor an animal he had adored for a long time.

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When the Mail man got back to his family in the evening, he was still overwhelmed.

His daughter had already heard about Gretchen. As soon as Fernando heard the news, he had texted her. But the daughter had a surprise for her father.

On Twitter, she had posted the text and photo of the letter from Gretchen’s owner. And people online were touched by the story. A great number of people had reacted to it.

The post had managed to gain over 180,000 retweets, 854,000 likes and thousands of comments up until today.

People commented things like this:

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Gretchen’s owner was one of the people who had seen this post. He left his own emotional comment on the post:

Although Fernando still felt bad, when he saw that his pain was shared by people online, it helped a lot. He also had proof from the animal’s owner that he had made Gretchen’s life happier and better.

All this just shows how easy it is to make a difference to others, whether they’re humans or dogs. It will mean the world to them if you treat others kindly.

Because at the end of the day, everyone’s time on Earth is limited. People can choose to live their lives like Fernando does, by being friendly and inspiring to others, or they can cause upset and negativity on other beings.

The world would be a better place if only everyone were like Fernando.

The dog’s owner also revealed that the dog had been a senior animal when they had adopted her.

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He said that he hoped Gretchen and Fernando’s story would inspire other people to adopt older shelter dogs, because these animals most times struggle to find a home.

Gretchen’s owners went to the shelter and took in another senior dog a few months later.

That’s because they wanted to give another animal the opportunity that Gretchen had had.

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