Little Girl Asked Waitress Why Her Skin Is So Dark – And Before Her Mother Could Chide Her, The Waitress Gave Her A Reply

It’s true that children sometimes say inappropriate things in public. Working out what is and isn’t acceptable is just a part of growing up.

A sweet little girl named Holland Backstrom has reached the age where her curiosity knows no bounds.
The girl asks questions about everything. Her mother, Mary Katherine, thought that the worst possible question that the daughter could ask would be “Where do babies come from?” But then this awkward situation occurred for the family.

Holland and Mary Katherine had been going to one particular Waffle House restaurant in their hometown for years. Often times, they would meet their favorite server, Mrs. Cynthia, while they were there.
One day, when they arrived, Mrs. Cynthia sat the two mother and child at their favorite booth. After the mother and daughter had looked at the menu, Mrs. Cynthia came back to take their order.

That was exactly when Holland asked the awkward question: “Mrs. Cynthia, why is your skin so dark?”
The mother immediately looked horrified at her daughter. Of course that Holland had no idea how inappropriate that kind of question was, but it still made Mary Katherine look like a bad parent after all.

Source: Marykatherinebackstrom/Instagram

Mrs. Cynthia didn’t take offense. That’s because knew that the child was merely trying to work out the world

But luckily, she had the perfect response: “Because God made everyone different! Isn’t that wonderful?”
Holland really appreciated the answer.

Then, the child’s mother took to social media to talk about the importance of explaining to children how the world is in an appropriate way.

She particularly explained how important it is to teach children to appreciate the things that make people unique. That means respecting diversity and differences and not ignoring them. This can apply to race as well as nationality, accents, religious beliefs, sexuality or even just people’s eye color.

Source: Marykatherinebackstrom/Instagram

Of course that it can be a challenge to teach children about the differences that we all have. However, parents still need to approach these discussions by stressing that the most important point is that it’s totally okay to be different.

Everyone knows that we do not live in a perfect society. But still, the only way to make progress is by teaching others that diversity is an important fact of life. Of course, children will sometimes say inappropriate things. However, if you teach them to respect other people’s differences, then they are going to grow up into caring, well-rounded individuals for sure.

Mrs. Cynthia’s wise words sadly need to be explained to many adults today.

That’s because not everyone was told in childhood that it’s ok for someone to be different. There is still too much racism, too much prejudice in the world. Stories like this show that it falls to all of us to make it better. When our children and grandchildren ask these questions, we shouldn’t say “don’t ask that.” We should explain that it’s ok to be different and that inside, we are all humans instead.

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Hopefully, Mrs. Cynthia, Holland and Mary Katherine will remain friends for many years. They have already been through a lot together.

That’s because Mary Katherine has overcome a battle with breast cancer. Mrs. Cynthia was there to offer support throughout this experience, always praying and helping the young mother in any way she could. And Mrs. Cynthia’s adult son has had his own health troubles. Mary Catherine also offered emotional and physical support throughout this terrible crisis.

If only everyone could be like the three people in this story, the world would be a much better place!