Little Boy Planned His First Wedding Dance With His Mother And Lit Up The Room

We all know weddings are always emotion charged events. Even movies about weddings make people cry. And if you only take a second to look at the comments section of this video of a mother-son dance, you too will find out that even clips of weddings on Youtube can make you bawl like a baby…

No, I’m not crying, you’re crying!

Tyler, a six year-old, surprised wedding guests on Mom’s big day by taking to the dance floor with her. As the groom states in the video:

“Just so everybody knows, Tyler choreographed every step of this dance. They’ve been practicing for six months!”

So that means Tyler isn’t only the star of the dance, but he’s the choreographer too! His Mother, Kir explains in the video description that she lost her father a few years back, and so Tyler stepped in to lead the traditional first dance in his place.

Source: YouTube

At first, the dance starts off slowly, to the sound of Bette Middler’s “From a Distance”. It is such a beautiful song, and pretty classic wedding dance fair. It’s slow, intimate and lovely. Just what you’d expect from a first dance. This was probably to lull the guests into thinking this was just a simple mother-son slow dance, and it worked…

…But everyone turned out to be wrong, it’s about to get ramped up to a whole new level.

When music cuts out for a split second, it was be replaced by DJ Snake and Lil John’s “Turn Down for What”. Aaaawww here it goes!

Then the mom and son break apart for a second, to come back into the dance floor with a whole new swagger. They both put their hands up into the air and assume the position we all know as The Superman from none other than Soulja Boy’s “Crank That”.

And dang, they proceed to CRANK that!

After a few more Hip-Hop classics, Tyler dips into his bag of tricks and pulls out something nobody expected.

Source: YouTube

The drops to the floor and starts breakdancing!

The fact that he decided to put into this dance on his Mom’s special day is perhaps the most adorable thing about this kid. Taking the time out to do specific moves together, and synchronise. It’s obvious that the bride and mother is enamoured with her son and the special dance he had created.

Their amazing routine involves all types of popular music and keeps an upbeat, fun vibe!

My Heart is beaming! Just look at how this mother and son look into each other’s eyes while they dance.

But of course that this wouldn’t be a full family affair without the full family involved.

The mom and the son then bring on the new baby to join them on the dance-floor. They all dance together, and we simply cannot handle how adorable this whole part is. Just look at the look on Tyler’s face as he dances with his little baby sister! Have you ever seen anything that adorable?

And last, but certainly not least, as Salt-n-Pepa’s “Push It” comes on, the groom strolls on with…a stroller, pushing it literally and joining the dance.

If we take a look at the comments section, it reveals that there are so many people who have been touched by the video.

Source: YouTube

One such comment reads:

“That actually made my day, and your son is so talented to have choreographed all those moves, choreographing might be in his future some day….. well congrats on your big day.”

We’ll have to wait and see whether or not Tyler will become a famous choreographer one day, but one thing is sure, he really loves his mother a lot!

If you want to get your heart melted, check out the full video below!