Kate Hudson Asked Her Mom Goldie Hawn To Dance And Their Moves Got The Audience Screaming

Believe it or not, Goldie Hawn is 73 years old!

Even if you may have a hard time believing it by just looking at her, her dance moves will really have you wondering what her secret is.

The woman appeared alongside her lovely daughter Kate Hudson on NBC’s The Ellen Show earlier this year when host Ellen DeGeneres took a day off – and the temporary co-hosts were a hit with the audience, even if one of them was late, it doesn’t matter.

When Hudson came out to wild applause on her own, she began joking that her mother is always running behind schedule.

However, Hawn quickly ran from offstage looking glam and only a little flustered in a sleek white pantsuit and matching boots.

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How could anyone ever get mad at her with that bubbly personality after all?

The crowd roared at the mere sight of the legendary actress.

Of course that Ellen’s daytime talk show is known for its fun-loving moments and the peppy duo were the perfect stand-ins – especially when it came to the show’s iconic dance through the audience.

“I love Ellen so much, but when I first did her show, I did it, really, because I got to dance with her,” Hawn joked. “And now we get to dance on our own and I’m so excited!”

Ellen always ends her opening skits by dancing with her audience to pump them up. But, it was up to the mother-daughter duo to get the party started this time.

The show’s very own DJ tWitch pumped up the music and gave them the go-ahead.

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The second they start to dance, everyone in the audience begins busting out moves of their own – that much fun is very contagious!

Moments like these and a fun watch make The Ellen Show a shot of good energy, even for those watching at home every time.

When Hawn starts sidestepping back and forth, her daughter gracefully matches her mother’s moves.

We can see the duo effortlessly slide their way across the stage, and before you know it, they start walking up the stairs and into the audience.

A full-on dance party breaks out soon, with the 73-year-old legend leading the way, as per usual.

And since Hawn has been dancing for decades, those moves are well-honed. Actually, her mother ran a dance studio and her father was a musician.

Long before she was an actress, she was a dancer and dance instructor herself – in 1964, before she ran and taught in school and was briefly a go-go dancer in New York.

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The woman is still known for her fun-loving demeanor, she’s now an Academy Award-winning actress and philanthropist.

The rest of the show was a joy to watch as well, with all of Hawn and Hudson’s experience in the limelight. And these two mothers even took some time to discuss the pains and pleasures of giving birth and raising children too.

Then, Kate’s older brother Oliver Hudson suddenly came running onto the stage too, to the audience’s surprise.

The trio said it was a family affair as they recalled several embarrassing family incidents that were met by tons of laughter from the audience.

It was a great episode all in all and it’s definitely worth checking out.

Source: YouTube

Still, the part that will really boost your mood is the dance at the beginning. Such a fun audience to be a part of!

Make sure you scroll down to watch Kate Hudson and Goldie Hawn’s awesome introduction and dance performance on The Ellen Show below.