“Janitor” Sits At The Mall’s Piano And Shocks Shoppers With Never Seen Before Talent

No passer- by was anticipating a performance worthy of Carnegie Hall, but that’s what they received.

Across the whole wide world, small magical moments are happening. In public, things that seem quite usual and mundane turn out to have a special twist for everyone who is present there.

That’s precisely what happened to the commuters at this train station one winter’s morning.

A man who was dressed as a janitor was mopping close to a public piano. But this “janitor” had a secret. In reality, he was a concert pianist.

So he put the mop in the bucket and sat in front of the piano.

Source: YouTube

In the beginning, he began playing a few notes, getting a feel for the instrument.

Then he started playing the opening of Queen’s 1975 hit Bohemian Rhapsody.

People froze and made sure to catch a look at what was happening, recognizing the tune but surprised to see who was the one who was playing it.

When the performer really got into the song, people began to gather around, being amazed at what they were seeing. This was almost as amazing as seeing Freddy Mercury live, they must have thought.

At one point, an actual cleaner who works at the station walked nearby and stopped to take a look at his “colleague”

Source: YouTube

The worker of the station must actually be amazingly confused. Is this a new employee? Will all of us have to take piano lessons, he must have been thinking.

As soon as the performer was done, a gigantic crowd had gathered. When he had played his final note, everyone around him applauded. They sure weren’t anticipating for any of this to happen!

Afterwards, the man picked up his mop and continued to clean the floor.

Ever since this video was uploaded on YouTube, it has become a viral sensation.

Up to this day, it has been able to gather more than 16 million views. It also has over 135,000 likes and 8,000 comments.

People have been commenting things like this:

Source: YouTube

Surely though, this performer isn’t really a janitor at all.

This video is one of many famous ones on YouTube which belong to the channel Piano Phantom. The Piano Phantom’s misson is to perform in disguise in different types of public locations.

Besides the janitor Bohemian Rhapsody video, the Piano Phantom has also performed while being disguised as a homeless man.

But it also doesn’t take a lot of effort and work in order to reveal the Piano Phantom’s actual identity (it’s listed in some of his videos.)

He’s actually Georges Sokol, a French/American/Japanese musician who has studied at Oxford University and has produced scores for feature films.

Sokol’s approach to music is not really similiar to that of many other musicians.

He likes doing different types of things like performing randomly in public as part of his philosophy to question the traditional ways of thinking and doing.

Source: YouTube

Being the Piano Phantom has given Sokol a whole new perspective when it comes to appreciating the power of music.

Actually, Sokol himself says “Becoming a phantom has taught me not to fear the unknown and unfamiliar. Not to worry about what others think of me.” When he describes it like that, it’s easy to understand why disguising yourself and performing in public can be a crucial artistic exercise.

Evidently, Sokol/The Piano Phantom is a unique, highly talented man. If more people were like him, the world would be a much brighter place.

Maybe one day, you’ll suddenly see the Piano Phantom as you’re having your regular day.