Ironworker Plays Beautiful Melody On A Native American Flute During Break At His Work

There are only a few musical instruments that are more hauntingly beautiful than the Native American flute.

That’s because these ancient instruments produce a high, ethereal melody that somehow instantly relaxes the listener no matter what is going on around them. Maybe that’s the reason Paul Harvey, an ironworker from Minnesota, carries his flutes with him wherever he goes just in case the mood to play strikes him at the moment.

The man was working on a 40-story tower in Minneapolis when he suddenly realized that the empty cement halls provided a perfect acoustical backdrop for flute-playing. Paul has previously recorded himself playing his flute in odd places like an abandoned church and on a mountaintop, that’s why this wasn’t out of the ordinary for him.

Source: YouTube

Paul was wearing a hard helmet and his paint-spattered work clothes as he stood alone in the vacant tower and began to freestyle on his instrument. And the result is a peaceful and moving original song made absolutely incredible by the reverberations of the concrete walls around him.

He decided to call the song “Concrete Peace,” after some consideration, which suits the melody wonderfully. There’s just something about the delicate melody Paul produces in stark contrast with those bleak gray walls.

Paul remarkably revealed on Reddit that he is completely self-taught.

Source: Facebook

“I picked up a similar flute about 7 years ago at a tourist store in South Dakota and started playing,” he wrote. “I definitely connected with it almost immediately. I also play several other instruments including clarinet, sax, Irish flute, bagpipes and [various] other woodwinds. Never had a music lesson nor can I read music. Yet. I want to learn.”

It really is hard to believe that a sound this lovely is produced by such a simple instrument! The man is a great reminder of how many people have “day jobs” to pay the bills while still nurturing a creative talent like this one on the side. We really hope that this ironworker will continue to make music for us!

Source: Facebook

Click below listen to “Concrete Peace” in the video.