Identical Triplets Born Two And A Half Months Premature Defy All Odds And Survive

It’s incredibly dangerous when triplets undergo premature birthsl. Even a triplet born on its due date is usually half the size of an average newborn. These premature triplets were so little.

Becki-Jo’s babies are a miracle in more than one way.

When she learned that she was expecting not one but three babies all at once she was shocked, since her family had no history of triplets.

But that surprise was welcomed from them.

Becki-Jo, her husband and her daughter were delighted at the idea of their family doubling overnight.

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Sadly, the pregnancy would have some serious complications. 31 weeks into it, the doctors had to take radical action.

That’s why they performed an emergency c-section.

It was incredibly risky. The odds of all three triplets surviving outside of the womb were slim. But it was their only chance at survival at the time.

That’s how Roman, Rocco and Rohan came into the world. And the doctors would do all they could for these tiny babies.

The smallest of the three babies at 3.3 pounds was Rocco.

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On the upcoming days, the doctors and nurses constantly monitored the babies. Fortunately, they all responded well. Each day, they would develop and get just a little stronger.

Then, after six weeks, the babies were all considered well enough to go home. The triplets were still tiny but most importantly, they were healthy.

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Becki-Jo and her husband were very grateful to the doctors. But now they were more terrified than ever. Triplets born on time would be a lot to handle, and now these premature babies wouldn’t have 24/7 medical attention.

“Having three newborns all at once was the biggest challenge I thought I could ever imagine. The boys never stayed in my room, so I was always anxious putting them down for the night, plus with them being premature it was a tiny bit more scary.” – Becki-Jo.

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Themother was informed by the doctors the mother that the triplets were not identical.

However, as the babies grew into toddlers, they all still looked so similar that even Becki-Jo had trouble telling them apart. Becki-Jo became ever more convinced that her triplets were actually identical.

Becki-Jo had trusted the doctors when they said that the babies weren’t identical. Maybe it could be be that the triplets all looked incredibly similar?

But then eventuallt too many moms stopped Becki-Jo on the street to ask if the babies were all identical triplets, and she decided to do something about it.

She found a lab that could determine whether or not the babies were non-identical.

And when the results of the test came back, Becki-Jo discovered that her babies were even more miraculous than the doctors had ever thought.

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Despite the fact that the babies all survived being born highly premature, they were also identical triplets. The that three naturally born triplets are identical are one in 200 million.

Roman, Rocco and Rohan started school in 2019.

All three of them have grown into highly energetic, fun-loving boys. They’re getting along very well with everyone in their class, but there’s just one little problem. None of the other kids can tell the triplets apart!

Source: Beckijo92/Instagram

The energetic young boys will go through life almost completely unlike anyone else. That’s because they will always have two other people that are just like them. They just don’t realize just how lucky they are right now.


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