Husband’s Jaw Dropped When He Saw His Wife’s Fancy New Makeover

The latest makeover by the famed Makeover Guy has received nearly 75,000 views on YouTube in less than 2 weeks – and it’s not only for the stunning results but because of a husband’s sweet reaction to his wife’s new look.

Actually, this short video begins when he walks in – and by the look on his face we know we’re in for a gorgeous transformation.

Of course, this is more work from Christopher Hopkins, the owner of a Minneapolis “appearance studio,” who is now famous for his glam makeovers of men and women over the age of 45.

The woman, Tamara, was hoping for just such a transformation when she visited Hopkins a few weeks back. The nurse, who said she is tired of putting her appearance on the back burner while taking care of others, is ready to reform her “plain Jane” image once and for all.

Source: YouTube

“I’m up for anything; change is always good” she said bravely as she handed herself over to Hopkins and his makeover team.”

And once she saw her transformation, all she could do was say “wow”! And that was our reaction too.

Tamara has been turned into a silver screen siren that came in off the street with no makeup and unstyled hair.

Here is how she looked before:

But after a few hours in the stylist’s chair, her grey roots have been covered and her ashy blonde hair has been transformed into a beautiful rich honey blond.

The amount of shine radiating off of it is making us jealous!

The style is still simple enough to keep up and yet impossibly glam, with a couple of inches cut off and some waves at the end.

The woman had quite a good time with the makeup team as well!

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They started off with a clean palette, then evened out her skin tone and added some bronzer to bring out that beachy blond in her hair. Her defined cheekbones are highlighted with a bit of flattering blush as well.

The focus is all on her eyes, while she is rocking a neutral lip. Her near-perfect eyebrows stayed largely the same but were given a little shape – but her lashes are really where all the attention is at!

Her fluttering around false lashes really gives us a sense of how much lashes can change a face. Some eyeliner and a bit of neutral eyeshadow round out the look and viola!

Although we’re not exactly sure the psych nurse is going into work with such bold eye makeup, but it’s definitely a viable date night look!

Source: YouTube

The woman’s beautiful smile is twice as large after her makeover but it’s the look on her husband’s face that gives us an indication of how much of a change her new style is from the norm. He is definitely blown away!

He can be heard whispering “wow” and giggling, hardly believing what he’s seeing as his face flushes. This is the babe he gets to go home with tonight!

“I can’t even tell it’s you,” he says and Hopkins can be heard laughing in the background (because that’s not exactly what a woman wants to hear when she’s looking her best self).

Source: YouTube

However, he does very kindly tell her how fantastic she looks as he gives her a once over and stares straight into her eyes.

And we can tell it’s clearly a look of love.