Husband Tears Up After Seeing Wife Of 45 Years’ Transformation

When the 4th hour of the today show was hosted by Hoda Kotb and Kathie Lee Gifford, they created a segment called “Plaza Ambush Makeovers,” in which they would find men and women in the plaza outside the NBC studios and give them a head-to-toe full makeover.

An episode from way back 2015 is still a super famous YouTube watch for two glamorous makeovers.

Hairstylist Louis Licari and clothing stylist Jill Martin are in charge of giving these men and women a new appearance. And now, more than 2.4 million people have seen 64-year-old Brenda Macy from Joplin, Missouri and 41-year-old Dr. Lori Nelson from Oakland, Maine get amazing transformations.

“So easy to pick out the ladies today, it was a miracle,” Lacari said of their choices. “We found two ladies so quickly and they were so excited to be made over.”

Source: YouTube

First up was Brenda Macy, who was with her husband of 45 years. Macy was super excited to be chosen, despite the fact thay she had never even dyed her hair and had skipped getting haircuts for the last few years.

But it was obvious that she was in for a new look, especially if she could donate some of her long, virgin hair.

“That’s what she’s been hoping for for a long time,” her husband Herschel told Martin during their interview.

The before picture of Macy shows an amazing woman, but she was completely ready for a new look. Her posture alone lets us know that she’s not particularly confident with herself as she holds her hands in a protective position.

Those who get “transformed” don’t get to see themselves during the whole transformation process. Actually, they walk out onto the stage while their loved ones take off blindfolds and react with huge shock.

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Then and only then are they allowed to look in the mirror at themselves!

When Macy came outside, her husband immediately started tearing up.

“It takes me back 20 years,” he said as he took off his blindfold.

Beginning everything with plastic ghost earrings and a zebra print vest and long hair that needed an upgrade, Macy came out looking every bit the bombshell.

The stylist maintained some of the animal print in the form of a leopard print blouse under a leather jacket, but the biggest makeover of all times involved her hair and makeup.

Some highlights and a layered cut let her locks flow freely as she moved and her makeup really drew out her eyes.

When she at lawt got a look at herself, she was more than happy.

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“Oh wow! [I feel] a lot different!” she exclaimed.

Lacari even held up the hair donation she would be able to make as a consequence of her haircut.

The pathologist and mother of three was in New York with her best friend who was super excited about the fact that Nelson was going to get a day of pampering.

Nelson did admit that she barely even takes time for herself:

“I just never get to take care of myself. I’m a pathologist, I’m always in the lab and I never see people. This is the highlight of my life.”

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With wavy brown hair and a graphic tee and cardigan, it was time for this doctor to get a transformation. And boy did she!

She waltzes out with a fabulous new hairstyle that brings out the auburn in her locks.

With the smallest amount of makeup – just some contouring and light eye makeup and lip gloss – Nelson looks like a whole new lady.

“Oh wow, you look amazing!” her friend Erica told her while she was removing her blindfold.

And she does look amazing! This is one where the clothing is also one of the improvements while she shows off a gorgeous black sheath dress with a pearl collar.

Althouth both ladies were gorgeous before, it’s obvious that the makeovers brought out the best of what they had to work with and – most importantly – they were both feeling more confident with the results.

Source: YouTube

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