Homeless teen got a new lease on life and was named valedictorian after earning more than 3 million dollars in scholarships

A kid named Tupac Mosley has been through things that no child should have to face. Despite all those difficulties, the boy has managed to pursue his dream.

These last few years have been extremely tough for Tupac Mosley. He lost his father to an illness in 2018. Then his mother struggled to keep up on rent and bill payments. Mosley and his entire family were out on the streets by the end of the year.

And thing were so bad that the family members that they had to spend some time living in a tent in the middle of Memphis.

It was a very bad situation for anyone to be in. Eventually, the family found a shelter that could take them in, but the trauma really threatened to get in the way of Mosley’s studies.

The boy was in high school and determined to make something of his life. He would stay late in libraries, studying every day. His mom needed help some days. But he was able to balance his study with his family life luckily.

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Fortunately, a charity named For The Kingdom stepped in to help him out.

The charity For The Kingdom gives hope to children in Tennessee “through life-changing experiences.” They made that Mosley could pursue his dream of attending college.

Mosley believed that he could raise $1 million in scholarship money, all thanks
to the charity’s support. Of course only if he got the right grades.

However, the boy would outperform the hopes and visions of everyone. In the end, he ended up graduating at the top of his class. He had a grade point average of 4.3. Tupac was also able to earn $3 million in scholarships.

Source: YouTube

He was amazed that he could amass so much money for his education. For his entire life, his family had been struggling financially. However, thanks to his hard work, he would have no financial worries for the entirety of his college years anymore.

And all thanks to the boy’s incredible grades, more than 40 colleges were ready to accept Mosley into their courses. Recently thing had looked bleak for Mosley, but now the boy had been given the choice to study anywhere in the world.

Mosley decided to study close to home so that he could remain in contact with his family in the end. The boy is now enrolled in Tennessee State University, majoring in electrical engineering.

His inspiring story appeared on YouTube shortly after he picked Tennessee State University as his college of choice. Soon video soon received a range of supportive comments. People have been commenting things like:

Source: YouTube

But Mosley is a very modest individual.

After people heard about his story, he appeared on CNN, where the reporter asked him how it felt to be considered inspirational to so many people. He responded with this:

“It’s honestly an honor and a blessing that I was the individual who could inspire others.”

The boy also spent a lengthy portion of his CNN interview thanking the “people in school, my family members, my friends,” who had helped him get to where he was.

We can only imagine what Mosley could go on to achieve.

Although he appears to have no political aspirations right now, but it’s easy to watch a video of Mosley and think that he’d be an amazing future president of the United States!