High School Students Take Over The Stage Looking Like Monks And Make The Audience Crack Up Without Saying Anything

Often, when people seem to think of funny things, monks who have taken a vow of silence probably aren’t exactly their minds. But these high school students performed as silent monks in the most hilarious way.

This whole concept of monks taking a vow of silence is kind of a myth.

Despite what TV and movies say, there are not exactly monastic orders in the world which make their members undertake vows of silence. They do have special times when they expect monks to speak as quietly as possible. But they aren’t really silent.

But, the idea of monks being sworn to silence has been around for a long time. And it’s likely to stay with us for a good long while yet. Especially if people keep on making light of it, like the children in this school talent contest.

They made the decision to dress up as monks who had taken a vow of silence who also wanted to perform Hallelujah. That may sound like an impossible thing to do, but with the help of some cardboard signs, they managed to pull it off.

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Their performance started off with the monks taking their positions on the stage. No one exactly knew what to anticipate or what they were holding in their hands.

Then the hallelujah chorus from Handel’s Messiah Part II (also known as the church song that goes “hallelujah” a lot) began to play.

The four monks stood on a few chairs above the others raised the cards in their hands to the beat.

While the vocalists on the music track began ti sing, the first monk held up a sign that said “HAL.” The second monk held up a sign that said “LE.” The third monk held up a sign that said “LU.” And the fourth monk held up a sign that said “JAH.”

As soon as the word had been sung by the track, the monks immediately put down their signs.

And when the word came back, they held up their signs, and they fastly put them down again.

They continued to do this for the next few hallelujahs.

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Afterwards, when it was time for the next verse to actually start, the three monks at the corner of the stage held up signs that read FOR THE LORD.

Then the line of monks in the center of the stage and under the monks on the chairs started holding up signs which said GOD OM NI PO TENT REIGN ETH.

Then it was back to the chaired monks showing the hallelujah signs again.

The monks continued to show these signs until the one minute mark of the song, when all the monks not on chairs switched cards.

Then they showed signs which read “THE KING DOM OF THIS WORLD IS BECOME”

Then the four monks in the center switched to signs that read OUR LORD AND OF in order for them to match the final two monks’ signs that read HIS CHRIST.

Source: YouTube

And just when the card holding couldn’t look any more complex, it became even more, trust us. Two of the three monks in the corner also had to hold up signs with their feet. And one of them had to hold his sign down in between those.

After the song was finished, the crowd gave the monks a gigantic applause.

It undoubtedly was an amazing performance.