High School Scottish Drummers Yell Out Loud Then Steal First Place At Talent Show

If you want to find out what you love, unlock potential, and hone your skills, whether it’s for certain academic subjects, sports, or music, high school is probably the best time to do so.

Despite the fact that taking part in these activities means you need to be commited, dedicated, and disciplined, these serve as healthy channels for when you’re feeling stressed out from all the schoolwork and the pressures of simply being a teenager. After all, nothing beats a fun outlet you can share with your peers.

Drumline is a perfect example of an activity which allows you to tap into your creativity, unleash musical talent, and hang out with a group that holds the same passion for it. And in order to prove just how amazing being part of a drumline can be, check out the impressive performance of the boys of Hot Scots.

Source: YouTube

Wearing kilts paired with black shirts and sneakers, the five-man team assembled on stage looking as cool and relaxed as they can possibly be – not at all like they have a talent show to win. Nigel, Dylan, Matt, Elias, and Jordan came ready.

From the way they took their places onstage to when they began to play, it was pretty clear that drumline was something they were really into. We guess that coming up with the choreography and rehearsing everything is as fun as performing looks, too.

Their animated facial expressions and the way they gamely interacted with the whole crowd did not get in the way of how amazingly they could flip drumsticks and create infectious beats while they kept in time with each other.

Source: YouTube

Then they hop into a domino effect where one of the drummers does a solo, then is joined one by one by the others.

Then another one joins them:

Undoubtedly a crowd favorite, Hot Scots came complete with cool solos, special choreography, and commanding stage presence.

There was even a little bit of freestyle involved wherein they just bopped their heads, jumped, and swayed while they were playing. It was nothing less than perfect and it comes as no surprise that they managed to win the first place in the talent show.

Source: YouTube

They were breathtaking.